How To Get Whetstone in V Rising

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Whetstone is a necessary item in V Rising and not particularly hard to craft when you get the recipe. But to start crafting, you will need to find some in the world first. So, here is a guide on how to find and craft Whetstone.

V Rising is a survival game where you play as a vampire. You have woken up after centuries of sleep as a weak vampire. Now you will have to survive in this new world and get stronger.

V Rising has a lot of items you can craft and build. And as you unlock more tools, you will unlock more things you can craft and use. Among them, one of the items is the Whetstones.

Whetstone is one of the items you can craft and find in the world. But to craft the Whetstone, you will need to build a tool that needs Whetstone to make. So, here is a guide on where to find Whetstone and start crafting them yourself.

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How to Find and Craft Whetstone in V Rising

Finding and crafting Whetstone are two different processes. So naturally, you will also need to do pretty different things to get the Whetstone and craft them. Not to mention, to craft a whetstone, you will first need to find four whetstones.

So here we will cover where to get those whetstones first. Then we will show you how to make Whetstone for yourself.

How to Find Whetstone in V Rising

Finding Whetstone in V Rising can vary in difficulty depending on your level. The bandit enemies drop whetstones and are also frequently found in bandit camps. In addition, the Bandit Armory has the highest chance of having Whetstones in them.

Aside from random drops on bandits, you can also find Whetstones inside the chest and breakable barrels in the bandit camps. It is better if you are around level 20 to 30 since the Bandit Armory will be hard to attack at any lower level than 20.

How to Craft Whetstone in V Rising

To craft Whetstone, you will first need a grinder. With the grinder, you will be able to make stone bricks and stone dust. The stone dust will be necessary to craft a Whetstone among these two. If you want to know more details on making a grinder and crafting stone dust, check out this guide on how to Get Stone Bricks and Stone Dust.

Now that you have a grinder, you will need to find the Whetstone recipe. This recipe is dropped by Greyson the Armourer. He is a level 27 boss in V Rising. It is possible to beat him without reaching level 27 if you are a good player. So feel free to try to defeat him. But if it seems too hard for you, grind a bit and then come back to take care of him.

Once you defeat him, he will drop the Whetstone recipe. The Whetstone will need 1 Copper Ingot and 12 Stone Dust to make. Now go back to your furnace, and you can craft as many Whetstone as you need, granted you have the materials for it.

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