How To Craft Leather in V Rising

Abu Bakar Karim
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How to Craft Leather in V Rising

Let me guess; you need to craft leather in V Rising to hide from the sun. Oh, there are other uses? No matter what the usage is, you will get to know how to craft leather in this guide.

Greetings, fellow travelers of the night. Or should I say, fellow night creatures? Both seem fine to me. You need to survive; that is all that matter the most right at this moment. Now, to survive, you need blood and shelter. At this stage, you have both. To make life easier, you now need crafty items. Something to upgrade your gears, your base, and other craftable items. Yes, fellow bloodsucker; leather has a part in those items. You also need to hide from the sun, don’t you? What’s better than leather?

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Crafting leather doesn’t appear at the early stage of the game. You need experience, a lot of it. You probably need to slay some bosses and go on several missions. After that, you will get your hands on leather. To just look at it, this is a nose to the grindstone. What can we do about that?

At an early quest, you will be given the task of upgrading your Castle Heart. A heart that keeps your house warm. This quest requires Copper bars and Leathers. The problem is that it doesn’t show you where to find leather. So that is where the trouble begins. Let’s see how you can craft leather in V Rising.

How to Get Leather

You will come upon many more animals in the beginner stage than in the advanced stages. I suggest harvesting hides from the very beginning. There will be bears; there will be wolves and whatnot. Remember what Makarov said, No animals. I improvised a bit. Store the hides as much as you can in the chest in your base. Now to the next step.

How to Craft Leather in V Rising

You are going to start by building a Blood Altar. After that, focus on developing your gear level to 20. As you need to face Keely the Frost Archer, you will need a copper weapon at the very least. My suggestion will be going for a complete Boneguard Armor set. For a copper weapon, the Spear is a good choice. Now about Keely.

She is an easy nut to break, but the path is what might make you sweat. You will face a handful of bandit patrols, sometimes with their pets, sometimes not. I presume you got through this. I can also assume the amount of sweat that was invested. I’m exaggerating a bit, ain’t I? Nevermind, slay Keely, and you will get the recipe for Tannery building. That is where you will process all the leathers you find and found.

Besides the recipe itself, you will need 8 planks and 160 animal hides to build this Tannery. Now it’s been done; you can now run the production of one unit of leather per 16 animal hides.

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And that is how this goes for only to craft Leather in V Rising. There are some other items as well that I have gone through in V Rising. Feel free to check these out. Till next time, prost!

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