How To Get Unsullied Heart in V Rising

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Unsullied, unsalted, all of the hearts are the same. But for V Rising, you need the unsullied heart for various uses and let me get through it.

V Rising is a game to explore rather than suck blood dried off from pity humans. There will be a stage where Devs want you to acquire hearts that are unsullied in V Rising. More like unsalted. Not relevant, I get it. So why do you need one in the first place? Well, you will have the need to build some advanced-level biomaterials and structures like a coffin to throw your human acquaintance, more like a servant. As you do not need one for yourself, make use of it for other things. Besides, no one eats the pump; it’s what gets pumped that matters. You sure get the importance of this resource.

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Before jumping into more of it, let me tell you one or two things about it. Unsullied hearts are not your daily grocery item to be found in Walmart. They are like a limited version of Dr. Pepper; you might never know if you’ll ever get to see one. But you do not have to sweat that much for the unsullied heart in V Rising. We already did that part. You just need to go through this guide. Hop in!

How To Get Unsullied Heart

There are several ways to get these rare items in your custody. Let me tell you before that, none of them will give you a full-proof chance of getting an unsullied heart. It is about increasing your chances according to the boss’s level and some other things that matter. Let’s get look into it:

  • Upon defeating the Blood Carriers, there is up to a 50% chance of getting an unsullied heart. You will be able to unlock new recipes and blueprints. Nevertheless, the higher the level of Blood Carrier, the higher the chance goes.
  • If your equipment level is in a good position, you can think of farming Keely the Frost Archer in the trapper camp. This one is a low-level Blood Carrier. Another one is Errol the Stonebreaker. You can farm him in the copper mine. Alpha Wolf is another option you can think of.
  • Higher-level bosses carry a higher chance of carrying unsullied hearts with them. There goes another option.
  • Even though it’s not official or tested properly, several players have reported that foes over level 30 have a very good chance of carrying an unsullied heart than the others.

How to use Unsullied Heart in V Rising

I hope you got a good number of unsullied hearts by now. I don’t want to think about what happened to those poor heartless creatures you took the unsullied hearts from. Yes, very sad; anyway, these hearts are mainly used to craft Greater Blood Essence. You will need four hearts to craft Greater Blood Essence. In just 3 minutes, the essence will start to radiate its flavor after coming out fresh from the oven. Oh, and this oven that we are talking about is the Blood Press. This is an absolute necessity to craft Greater Blood Essence.

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I hope that I have tried to give a general overview of the whereabouts of Unsullied Heart in V Rising and its primary use. Gear and buckle up; dive into your territory again, fellow vampire.

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