How to Get & Use Servants in V Rising

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Credit: Stunlock Studios

Servants in V Rising will complete your chores and orders while you are on your throne. Therefore, Servents can be very beneficial to reaching your goals and save your time & power. Through this guide, you will know all the necessary details on how to get and use Servants in V Rising!

V Rising is a vampire-awaken-like game where you live your life as a vampire and defeat your enemies with the resources like arrows and weaponry in the gameplay. As you are the Vampire Lord, you must need servants to keep up with your chores and control the palace of your empire.

These Servants within the gameplay would help you control your work, and they would be willing to complete your given tasks without asking. Therefore, getting and using Servants in V Rising is not very difficult.

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How to Get & Use Servants in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

How To Get Servants In V Rising

To get the Servants in V Rising, you must follow the steps below:

Find A Human

You will need to find an NPC to turn him into your Servant. Remember, gather human NPCs to convert them into your Servants to assist you in the castle.

Attack: The Human

After finding a human, you must attack them with your power, and their health level should be less than 30% to make them Servants.

Go To The Castle

After attacking, bring him back to the castle and put him in the coffin to Convert him into one of your Servants.

And voila, after the conversion process, the human would finally become one of your new Servants.

How to Get & Use Servants in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

How To Use Servants In V Rising

After converting the Servants from human beings, you can use them to complete your work. To use the Servants in V Rising, you should:

Look For The Stats And Perks

The power and ability of your Servants vary from stats and perks, which are:

  • Gear
  • Blood Type quality
  • Faction
  • Blood

You must categorize them by their stats and perks to utilize your Servants properly in the good works. For example, if your servant is a scholar, then that servant would not be as valuable as your military blood type servant who knows battle tactics.

Search The Map

Click on any region of the V Rising map, and the resources & materials of the particular place will appear on your screen with specific missions and challenges. Choose your Servants carefully by looking at their Stats and Perks to utilize and complete the challenges perfectly.

You can use the Servants for;

  • Hunting
  • Farming
  • Completing chores
  • Maintaining the castle
  • Killing the enemies
  • Looting and much more!!

After the hunt or completing the tasks, you can go to your Servant’s coffin and ask them to rise and give the resources to you.

How to Get & Use Servants in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

These are the tips and tricks you can follow to get and use Servants in V Rising.

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