Best Ways To Get Sulphur Ore In V Rising

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Credit: Stunlock Studios

To defeat the enemies, you must need Sulphur explosives along with your weaponry. You can use Sulphur Ore to create these explosives, which will get you to the next level of your gameplay. Through this guide, we will tell you the best ways to get Sulphur Ore in V Rising.

In V Rising, you play as the awakened vampire, and you have to survive with your blood potions in your castle and conquer the world with resources like gears, Sulphur Ore explosives, weapons, and much more!

To survive in V Rising, you’ll need more than just blood potions. You must gather resources like copper mace, Sulphur Ore, and other weaponry such as bow and arrow to kill your enemies in your gameplay.

Sulphur Ore would be beneficial for you in the fights. You will need these Sulphur-made explosives to defeat enemies and invaders from harming you and also to break apart the walls in the game.

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Best Ways to Get Sulphur Ore in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

Best Ways to Get Sulphur Ore

Getting Sulphur Ore is not easy, but it is not hard to find either.

You must follow the tips and tricks below to get Sulphur Ore in the game:

Visit The Farbane Woods

Sulphur Ore looks yellow in color. You will encounter plenty of Sulphur Ores (large Sulphur-made stones) in the Farbane Woods area. You must visit the Farbane Woods area with the help of your V Rising region map to gather these Sulphur Ores.

You can find Sulphur Ore scattered here and there abundantly in the Farbane Woods.

Defeat Clive The Firestarter

You must defeat Clive The Firestarter in order to farm Sulphur from lots of Sulphur Ores. You will be able to find and create Sulphur from Sulphur Ores in the place you defeat Clive. Search closely!

Best Ways to Get Sulphur Ore in V Rising
Credit: Stunlock Studios

After you successfully get Sulphur Ore, you can create the Sulphur-made explosives at the Alchemy Table in the gameplay!

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