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Our fellow night creature needs suggestions for the best armor sets in V Rising. What do you know? He has hit the jackpot!

The foes are ruthless; they are relentless. Everybody wants a piece of you. Not to worry, as the Devs sure did provide armor protection to keep you in pieces. Otherwise, who wants to be jigsaw puzzle pieces? The armor sets in V Rising have additional buffs as well. You will be able to get some buffs in your physical strength to start. Maximum health is another point to be noted. And as always, “Some of these things are not like the others!”

Best Armor Sets Tier List in V Rising

Yes, different armors hold different buff values. This is the thing that makes them different from each other and makes them get sorted in a list. You got it, the tier list. Players tend to give birth to immense hatred for the lowest tier. But they do forget that those are the ones that we grow up in within the game’s early stages. Let’s keep that in mind. Now, let’s get you through the best armor sets in V Rising. This tier is based on their buffs and buff values.

S-Tier (Best)Dawnthorn Set, Merciless Hollowfang Set
A-Tier (Good)Hollowfang Set, Merciless Nightstalker Set, Immortal King Set.
B-Tier (Average)Nightstalker Set, Plated Boneguard Set, Boneguard Set.


Dawnthorn Set

The best armor set in the V Rising. You won’t get any buffs, but the stats below talk for themselves. The whole set will offer a staggering 1119 durability. The highest an armor can provide than any other available set. However, the price for crafting comes heavily. You will need 160 Scales, 12 Pristine Leather, and 8 Ghost Yarn. Everything comes at a cost, fellow night creature.

ItemMax Health

Merciless Hollowfang Set

This bad boy is here to offer you the best defense V Rising armors offers. With the whole set, your movement will be increased by 4%. That includes the Attack Power as well. Moreover, the gear level will also increase by 1 level. You will need 1 Hollowfang Chest-guard and 12 Iron Ingots to craft this. You can go through here to learn more about Iron Ingots and how to craft them.

ItemMax Health


Hollowfang Set

This one has imprinted its name into the list of one of the best defensive armors. You can go on a rampage or even slay some bosses. No trust issues need. Well, trust me. However, you need to defeat Quincy, the Bandit King, to get the Hollowfang Battlegear recipe. Moreover, you unlocked the Blood Altar by now, right? Okay, then, you will need 8 cotton yarn, leather, and wool thread to craft these fine armor pieces.

ItemMax Health

Merciless Nightstalker Set

This boy got two buffs. Let me tell you what you are going to get. Your physical power will increase by 2 units. Moreover, the gear level will be upgraded by 1 unit as well. Now the thing is, each of these pieces has different recipes that you have to acquire. You will find the recipes in the Farbane Woods. Just rampage over random bandit camps. You will get what you need pretty quickly.

ItemMax Health

Immortal King Set

The King’s set has some exciting things to offer. Do not get away just by seeing the Health stats. There are more! You will get some set bonuses that will completely follow up on the mistakes that it has made. You will get +15 resistance against the Sun and Silver with the cloak on. Additional +15 Sun resistance if the drape is on as well.

ItemMax Health


Nightstalker Set

This set will give the exact amount you need but the amount you do not deserve if you are beginning to advance in the mid-stage of the game. You will need 6 Leather and 4 Coarse Threat for each armor set piece if you want to proceed with crafting.

ItemMax Health

Plated Boneguard Set

No bonus for this guy. If you want to stick with it anyway, you will need 30 Animal Hide for each armor set piece.

ItemMax Health

Boneguard Set

The weakest one in the arsenal, and it depends on your progress. This kindergartener will need 30 Bones to get crafted for each armor set piece.

ItemMax Health

That’s all the story for the best armor sets in V Rising, folks. I hope you got to know a bit more detail and aided in making decisions for yourself. Prost!

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