Fixes to Wattson and Bocek Bow is coming with the next patch in Apex Legends season 11

Fixes to some of the well-known Wattson and Bocek Bow bugs is in the works at Respawn Entertainment and it will arrive alongside the next patch in Apex Legends season 11.

With season 11 of Apex Legends, Wattson finally received some much-needed attention from the character balance team at Respawn. Following many backs and forth between the developers and the Apex player base, Respawn finally gave her a major rework that finally made her viable in the current fast-paced meta of the game.

That being said, the new season also brought with it some nasty bugs that specifically affected Wattson’s abilities. For example, Arc stars were sticking on her ultimate ability the Interception Pylon and it was dealing damage.

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On top of that, her tactical fence was sticking in places where they shouldn’t have especially when trying to place a node near a fence. All of these small bugs added up and made the experience of Wattson players worse than it should have. As such, Respawn listened to players’ feedback and quickly made it their priority to fix her ability-related glitches.

Bocek Bow and Wattson is getting fixes

Additionally, the Bocek Bow is also receiving a fix that will finally eliminate the bug that would show iron sights when aiming even when a sight attachment is added to the Bow. Although this bug only occurred whenever a player equipped the legendary Compound Fracture skin.

Image via Respawn

Respawn usually shows their upcoming fixes in a public list. And they recently confirmed that the upcoming patch in season 11 will fix Wattson and the Bocek Bow. Also, the patch will contain fixes to the new Storm Point map that was recently added to the map pool in the season 11 Escape update.

Image credit: Alpha intel

While it is officially revealed that the upcoming patch will come with some highly requested bug fixes, this list doesn’t mention exactly when this patch will go live. It just assured players that the patch will come within season 11.

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However, a recent leak from a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner suggests the next update containing a collection event may arrive on December 7th, 2021. As it is a leak, take it with a grain of salt.

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