Chamber’s ability bug has already been fixed, a VALORANT dev confirms

VALORANT’s 18th agent Chamber is now playable in the PBE server and players have already come across some game-breaking bugs.

Riot Games recently announced a new sentinel agent called Chamber who will join the current roster with VALORANT patch 3.10. Despite only being available in the PBE server, the whole VALORANT community is really hyped about this character.

As Chamber’s kit provides him with additional firepower, players with good mechanics are already ecstatic with the mere thought of using this agent to dominate the lobby. However, while playing around with his abilities for the first time, players figured out that the Q ability that literally gives him a Sheriff with a scope is totally bugged.

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Even though the visual indicator shows that the Q ability has no recoil, in reality, it has a pretty distinct recoil pattern really similar to that of a Sheriff’s. As the visual of this ability is bugged, players are often confused as to why the shots are not registering properly.

Chamber’s ability is bugged

Based on the clips that players captured while testing this new agent’s ability in the training range, it is pretty clear that the visual is bugged. A VALORANT dev has already confirmed in the official VALORANT subreddit that they are aware of this visual glitch. In their current build of the game, the bug no longer exists.

Image via r/VALORANT

Meaning Chamber should be live in the actual game with the VALORANT patch 3.10 without any major issues. Hopefully, no new bug will appear till then.

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