VALORANT Magepunk 2.0 Skin Bundle: Chromas, Price, Release Date, & More

We finally have a glimpse into the next skin bundle in VALORANT called “Magepunk 2.0”.

As VALORANT is a free-to-play tactical shooter game, Riot Games releases new skin bundles every other week to let players customize their play sessions. Riot Games’ cosmetic department has been putting on quite a show this year.

And seems like they have no intention of ever slowing down since the sequel to the highly sought-after Magepunk bundle is coming with the next VALORANT patch 3.10. The previous Magepunk skin bundle featured skins that are based on the Magepunk design aesthetic.

The term Magepunk originated from the Shadowrun franchise of video games. In short, they are based on a fantasy world with a dystopian theme. Also, weapons in this world usually feature advanced tech that is sometimes powered by electricity or magic. Altogether, they have distinct characteristics which can be seen in the first Magepunk skin bundle.

Magepunk 2.0

The Magepunk 2.0 features really similar characteristics to the previous version. It means it also features the same dark wood-colored exterior with a translucent part where we can see lightning flowing throughout the weapon.

Similar to the previous Magepunk bundle, its sequel also lets players customize the color of the lighting only. However, the stand-out feature of this new bundle is its unique melee skin. While the previous bundle had a generic-looking knife, the sequel literally added a gauntlet as a melee skin.

Available for:

  • Operator
  • Sheriff
  • Guardian
  • Ares
  • Shock Gauntlet Melee


As the previous Magepunk bundle was a premium tier skin, its sequel may also be of the same tier. Meaning there are multiple color variants that is available for players to further customize their skins.

The Magepunk 2.0 will have four distinct color variants. These are:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange
VALORANT Magepunk 2.0 Skin
Image via ValorLeaks

Magepunk 2.0 Skin Price:

  • Operator (1775 VP)
  • Sheriff (1775 VP)
  • Guardian(1775 VP)
  • Ares(1775 VP)
  • Melee(1775 VP)
  • As this appears to be at least a premium tier of skin, expect to pay 1775 VP for individual skin and 7100 VP for the whole bundle.

    Magepunk 2.0 Skin Release Date:

    The new Magepunk 2.0 skin line will arrive alongside the upcoming VALORANT patch 3.10 on November 16th, 2021.

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