VALORANT’s New Sentinel Agent Chamber Contract Skin & Rewards

VALORANT’s 18th agent Chamber is finally playable in the PBE server. Aside from the first look at his abilities, we also saw a glimpse into his agent contract skin.

Riot Games entered the highly competitive tactical shooter genre with VALORANT featuring a unique cast of characters all with their unique set of skills. And these characters are called agents.

As this is a character-focused tactical shooter game at its core, Riot introduces new agents to the already diverse roster every now and then to spice things up in the gameplay department. In VALORANT Episode 3 Act 3, Riot revealed that a new sentinel agent called Chamber will join the current roster.

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However, the new agent didn’t launch alongside the new Act 3 update. Instead, Riot postponed the agent release by 2 weeks. But few selected players have already got their hands on this new agent before patch 3.10 as he is now playable in the PBE server.

Chamber Agent Contract Skin:

In VALORANT, players do receive some free skins in the form of agent-specific contracts. These skins are usually inspired by agents. Meaning they share similar design aesthetics. For completing Chamber’s agent contract, players are going to receive a Finesse skin for the Classic. Also, this skin will only unlock if you reach agent contract tier 10.

Chamber Agent Contract Skin
Image via ValorLeaks

The skin features the same gold and silver colorway with subtle red highlights matching the outfit of Chamber.

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