Upcoming Briar Changes In LoL Patch 14.4

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has revealed an upcoming UI change for Briar in League of Legends patch 14.4.

Patch 14.3 is the patch that will mark the start of the League of Legends Lunar Revel 2024 event. In this event, we got some new skins, event passes, accessories, and much more. Additionally, in this patch, we also got some massive balance changes.

Among the balance changes, we got so many buffs, nerfs, and adjustments. Some of the changes are Shaco nerfs, Nidalee buffs, Maokai changes, Aurelion Sol buffs, etc. Aurelion Sol got so strong with that buff that he got nerfed mid-patch.

With that said, since patch 14.4 is on the horizon, Riot is already revealing what we are getting in that update. Firstly, we are getting a new iteration of the Porcelain skin line. Alongside new skins, we are also getting many other changes, like item and champion-related changes. One of the champions who will be receiving a change is Briar.

Briar is one of the newest champions in the game. Though she had a low win rate when she was released, that was due to her unorthodox gameplay. But once players started to figure her out, she quickly rose and became one of the strongest junglers in the game. Since then, she has received many nerfs. But even after these nerfs, she is still a very potent jungler.

And now, recently, Riot will be giving some UI changes to Briar in patch 14.4. Here’s the change.

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League of Legends Patch 14.4: Briar UI Changes

Riot recently revealed on Twitter (or X) that they are adding a range indicator on her W. Normally, her W makes her go berserk, and then she will automatically fight the closest enemy in her W range. However, there were no range indications with her W. So players had to guess if the range was fine or not.

But with this change, players can be more consistent with Brair. Hopefully, Riot will do even more of these kinds of UI changes in the future.

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