Riot Buffing Aurelion Sol In League of Legends Patch 14.3

Fahim Shahriar
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Aurelion Sol is getting some much-needed buffs.

Patch 14.1 of League of Legends has to be one of the biggest starts to a season in a long time. From the massive Map Changes, the introduction of Voidgrubs, the reworked Rift Herald that only spawns after 14 minutes to new variants of Baron Nashor, there are changes everywhere.

However, the biggest change that came with the update was definitely the item overhaul. Riot finally removed the controversial Mythic item system from the game. In its place, Riot introduced tons of new items for every class in the game.

These item changes benefited most classes in the game, but the Mage class especially benefited the most. However, not all mages were affected equally. One of the Mages that were pretty negatively affected was Aurelion Sol.

With the item changes, Aurelion Sol lost his core item combination of Liandry’s Anguish and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. Although Liandry’s Anguish still exists, it lost its mana component, which was necessary for Aurelion Sol.

He still uses the combination, but his poor mana sustain makes Aurelion Sol’s already weak laning phase even worse. Thus, for Patch 14.3, Riot is looking to alleviate some of his issues by reducing his mana costs and making his roaming more potent.

In this article, we will go through the proposed Aurelion Sol buffs coming in Patch 14.3.

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Patch 14.3 Aurelion Sol Buffs

Here are all the Aurelion Sol changes coming in Patch 14.3,

  • Q – Breath of Light
    • Mana Cost per Second: 45 + 5 per rank -> 30 + 5 per rank
    • Stacks per Champion Burst: 1 -> 3
  • W – Astral Flight
    • Mana Cost: 80 + 5 per rank -> 50 + 5 per rank
    • Cooldown: 22 – 1.5 per rank -> 15 – 1 per rank
    • % Q Damage during W: 14% + 1.5% per rank -> 18% + 2% per rank
  • E – Singularity
    • Stacks per unit that dies in E:
    • Champion: 5 -> 2
    • Epic Monster: 5 -> 2
    • Cannon Minion: 3 -> 2
    • Large Monster: 3 -> 2

Aurelion Sol has a bunch of changes coming in Patch 14.3. First, his Q – Breath of Light is getting its mana cost reduced significantly. Also, stacks gained by hitting champions with Q is going up. This means he now has an incentive to trade against enemy champions, especially in lane.

His W – Astral Flight is also getting its mana cost reduced. Moreover, its cooldown and Q damage during W is going up. Now, Aurelion Sol can now roam much easier.

Finally, his E – Singularity stacks are going down significantly on Champions, Minions, and Epic Monsters. This change will likely force Aurelion Sol to trade harder in lane and roam to other lanes to get an advantage rather than sitting in lane and scaling.

Overall, the changes should make Aurelion Sol a more proactive champion.

Released Date

The aforementioned Aurelion Sol changes are coming out in Patch 14.3, which is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

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