Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3): Raphael’s Deal – Agree or Refuse?

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Agreeing or refusing Raphael’s deal in BG3, will affect differently with different choices. This guide will show you how to clear up your dilemma and help you choose a choice at the end of this article.

Experience the epic adventure in the world of Faerun in Baldur’s Gate 3. Enjoy this latest RPG with your team and fight against evil in different missions and quests. As the story begins, players will be affected by the deadly tadpoles or parasites, and the ultimate goal will be to find a cure for this situation.

However, as there are different quests and even side quests, you may meet various NPCs, such as mages, Tielflings, Druids, Devils, etc. Some of the characters will become allies, and some of them will not. For example, Raphael is a devil who constantly tries to get you into his deal but can’t until you get to Baldur’s Gate in the last phase of the game.

Raphael will appear in the Titular City when you visit Kith’rak Voss. Players will know about that devil’s plan to get the Elder Brain Crown of the Chosen, and he will ask you to join hands in that dirty work. Now, it will be your choice to agree or refuse the devil’s deal in BG3.

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Overview on Raphael's Deal in BG3
credit: Zatheroth (YT)

Overview on Raphael’s Deal in BG3

  • Great rewards may come if you choose to work for Raphael, but comes with consequences.
  • But on the other hand, there are some benefits if you refuse to work for him, however, with fewer consequences.
  • There is also a window of opportunity to back out if you accept his deal.

What happens if you Agree to Raphael’s Deal?

Agree to Raphael's Deal in BG3
credit: Zatheroth (YT)

If you agree with Raphael’s deal and hand him the Elder Crown, he will give you the exquisite Orphic Hammer. And with that weapon, players can free Prince Orpheus and the Emperor from the Astral Prism.

But after that, you and your team must work devotedly for Raphel and hand him the Crown at the end of the game. But if Karlach is your party member, she may disagree with this deal as she hates Raphael. To keep her in the party, you may have to sneak into Raphael’s den and find a way to cancel the contract, which will eventually be known to Raphael, and he will be angry with you.

How about you Refuse Raphael’s Deal?

Refuse Raphael's Deal in BG3
credit: Zatheroth (YT)

If you refuse the devil’s deal, it will still be active for you to pursue until the end of Baldur’s Gate, and you can agree to the deal anytime you feel like it.

However, you can always go to Raphael’s place with the proper skill and power to loot the Orphic Hammer to free the Prince and the Emperor. This will be a great move, as you wouldn’t have to make the contract with Raphael and still save the two people in BG3.

But once Raphael knows about your deeds, he won’t be happy with you, and things may get heated in the end, so be prepared for it.

Better you Reject Raphael’s Deal

However, I would recommend not making a deal with Raphael, and it will be better for you and your party to refuse the deal in BG3.

As I have already mentioned, resisting Raphael’s deal in Baldur’s Gate 3 is quite important for multiple positive outcomes and party approval. Opting out initially has no downsides and ensures a brighter fate. However, Raphael’s power-hungry nature poses a threat to the known universe. Even though the refusal is irreversible, you can still explore the House of Hope to dig out hidden rewards.

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