Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3): How To Help Edowin

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Helping Edowin remove his parasite will bring many advantages for smoother gameplay in BG3. We will show you how to help Edowin properly.

BG3 is the latest RPG game where you can explore the world of Faerun in the Dungeons and Dragons theme. Find hidden treasures, fight against powerful beasts, and complete missions to get the ultimate cure for Mind Flayer parasites—team up with your friends and combat for a
top-notch adventure.

As you go along with the gameplay and complete different quests to find the cure, some NPCs will want your help to get their parasites out of their heads. Now it is your decision whether to help them or not.

Of all the parasite-infected NPCs, there is one special one: Edowin. Helping Edowin is one of the missions that may bring the player rewards if completed properly. When you meet Edowin, notice that he has been infected with the Mind Flayer. Gather proper information about removing the parasite and saving Edowin in BG3 to move forward in the game.

How To Help Edowin in BG3

To help Edowin, kindly follow the steps below:

Find Edowin

Visit the Emerald Grove forest in the West to find Edowin and his two companions, Andrick and Brynna. After seeing them, earn Edowin’s companions’ trust as they think of you as an enemy.

In this case, an option will appear on the screen, “Hold His Stare.” Click on it, and they will learn that you are a good person who has come to save Edowin.

Get The Parasite Out

Edowin will fall sicker as time approaches, and players must act fast in this case. Tell Andrick and Brynna to leave the place and get to a camp. This way, their lives will be saved from owlbear, and you can contact them anytime.

To get the parasite out, choose the “Let Your Body Guide You” option and do the Medicine Check. Whatever you do, Edowin will eventually die because of the parasite. Keep the deadly gross thing in the inventory, or take it in your brain. But taking it into your brain is not recommended as it can hard your character gradually.

Baldur's Gate 3: How To Help Edowin
credit: Alex kgb (youtube)

It is better to loot Edowin’s body to a different place and crush the parasite as it crawls out of Edowin’s dead body. The parasite will try to get into another healthy host, so hurry before it’s too late. Use Insight or Strength to crush and kill the creature properly.

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