Azir Getting On-Hit Changes In LoL Patch 13.23

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Azir is getting some interesting changes in the upcoming Patch.

League of Legends Season 13 has been one helluva roller coaster when it comes to balance changes. From the disappointing season start to an unexpectedly packed Mid-Season to the removal of the Preseason period, it has been an interesting journey. Now we are at the end of the Season, and starting November 20, Riot will be testing out the changes for the upcoming Season 14.

That said, the last couple of patches have been very quiet in terms of changes to the game. Due to the arrival of the upcoming Preseason changes, the changes in the last couple of patches have been relatively small. Instead, Riot is focusing more on Quality-of-Life changes.

Thus, we have some Quality-of-Life changes coming in Patch 13.23. First Riot is adjusting the gold value of the Inner and Inhibitor turrets. These are changes that directly buff Top laners, especially split-pushing champions like Fiora, Jax, and Camille.

Additionally, one of the most popular Mid-Lane champions, Azir, is getting some massive changes. Azir’s W-Arise! will now trigger On-Hit effects. This means his W Soilders will proc on hit effects from Items such as Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Nashor’s Tooth. So we can expect some build diversity for Azir.

In this article, we will go over the proposed Azir changes and how they would affect the champion.

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Azir Changes

Here are all the proposed Azir changes coming in Patch 13.23,

  • W Attacks on the primary target now trigger on-hit effects at 50% damage value (100% in Arena). This includes on-attack effects such as Rageblade’s Phantom Hit, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Kraken Slayer.
  • W Base Damage from Rankup: 50-118 >>> 50-110
  • W Base Damage from levels: 2-92 (levels 10-18) >>> 2-77 (levels 10-18)
  • W AP Ratio: 60% >>> 55%

Azir W-Arise! attacks will now trigger On-Hit effects. But it’s Scaling Damage, and AP Ratios are being nerfed slightly.

It looks like Riot is pushing Azir more toward the Nashor’s Tooth build. Due to these changes, Azir’s Nashor’s Tooth build should now feel similar in terms of power level or even stronger in some cases. But, non-Nashor’s Tooth build will be slightly weaker.

Moreover, some niche Rageblade builds might be viable on Azir in some “unique” circumstances.

Release Date

The Azir changes will hit live servers on Patch 13.23, which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

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