Riot To Fix Surrendering for Quick Play In League of Legends

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Riot addresses Quick Play surrender bugs after players reported it.

The new League of Legends game mode, Quick Play, has been the subject of many heated discussions in the past week. Since its arrival from Patch 13.22, it has been plagued with annoying bugs.

Whenever a new element is brought into the game, be it champions, items, or even rotating game modes, there are always some bugs and technical issues. Because it is hard to account for all the interaction it will have with such a complex game system. That’s why Rioters often release the new thing first and rely on players’ feedback to tie up the loose ends. This is more efficient that way.

But Quick Play has its own share of baggage already. A lot of the players have shown great dissatisfaction with this mode as soon as it was released. And that’s mostly because they are forced to play a priority position instead of having the ability to dodge. Not being able to pick champions based on teammates’ picks also makes this worse.

On the bright side, the lead time before a match starts has greatly reduced. Many people have praised the new mode for that as well. But whether Quick Play is a net positive replacement for Blind Pick remains to be seen. Before that, Riot needs to ensure that Quick Play mode is functioning as intended on technical grounds.

Recently, the players have reported a new bug related to the surrender system that Riot has addressed. In this article, let’s take a look at that.

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Riot Addressing the Surrender Bug

In the 13.22 patch notes, Riot introduced new surrender rules for Quick Play. At the 10-minute mark of the game, if 4 out of 5 players voted yes, they would be able to get out of the game with defeat. And at 20 minutes, having 3 out of 5 votes was supposed to be enough.

But as Quick Play released, many players have reported that the 3/5 votes for surrender are not working as intended. In fact, the surrender option is not functional until the 15th minute. And at the 20th minute, players still require 4 people to vote yes.

Amidst such complaints, Riot Crabdust has addressed this issue and has assured us that they will get it fixed in the next patch.

Patch 13.23 Release Date

The upcoming Patch 13.23 is officially scheduled to be released on November 21, 2023.

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