Apex Legends Urban Assault Collection Event: Octane Mythic, Apex Cup & More

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Credit: EA

The next collection event, Urban Assault, will bring Octane mythic skin, tons of unique cosmetics, and more.

The new season, Breakout, has exceeded the community’s expectations in terms of actual content and player count. Finally, the developers seem to be making an effort to improve the game. Despite a few minor setbacks, the majority of the community has found the season to be quite enjoyable.

The season is in its second split, and the next collection event is quickly approaching. According to the leakers, the CE will be called Urban Assault and will include Octane’s mythic skin, a new game mode called Apex Cup, and more.

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Octane Myth: “Apex Riptide”

The collection event is somewhat special for the Octane mains, as they’ll finally get the Apex Riptide mythic skin for the adrenaline junkie.

Octane Mythic Skin Apex Legends
Credit: EA

The Apex Riptide mythic also comes with a special finisher alongside a skydive trail.

Apex Cup

Starting from the collection Event, a new game mode called Apex Cup will be introduced in Apex Legends. Unlike LTMs or Mixtape, the new game mode will work very differently.

So, what is Apex Cup? In the Apex Cup, players will queue in three strikes. However, you can only queue as a solo. To be eligible for Apex Cup, you have to have an account with a 20+ level. Moreover, you need to have crossplay enabled to queue in Apex Cup.

Your placement, kills, assists, and damage dealt will all contribute to the points you earn throughout the competition. You can use these points to claim your reward.

apex cup
credit: kralrindo

The Apex Cup will be divided into two rounds. The first round will run from April 24 to May 3. And the second round will run from May 3 to the end of Season 20. The rewards in each round are:

Round 1 Rewards:

  • Urban Assault Round 1 Participant Badge
  • 10 Battle Pass Stars
  • 3 Strikes Trackers
  • Shadow Pack Epic Mastiff Skin
  • Urban Assault Round 1 Top 100 Competitor Badge

Round 2 Rewards:

  • Urban Assault Round 2 Participant Badge
  • 10 Battle Pass Stars
  • “Let’s Fight” Epic Holospray
  • “Dire Resolution” Epic Volt Skin
  • Urban Assault Round 2 Top 100 Competitor Badge

Event Skins

The Urban Assault collection event will not feature 36 cosmetic items like Final Fantasy or Shadow Society events; instead, there’ll be 24 items similar to traditional collection events. Here are all the major legend and weapon skins shared by HYPERMYST.

YouTube video

Free Rewards

If you’re not willing to spend money on purchasing anything from the event, don’t worry! There’s something for everyone. Urban Assault will give away 13 items for free to the players for completing the challenges and filling the tracker.

Urban Assault Free Rewards

Release Date

The Urban Assault collection event Collection Event will go live on April 23, 2024.

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