New Apex Legends Split Causing Players to Lose Coins, Materials, Badges and Progressions

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA

Apex Legends has messed up big time! If you log in to your account now, you may not find everything inside.

Another update, another bug. And this time, it’s huge. The Apex Legends Season 20 split 2 has just begun. Players were excited to get into the game as the new split brings. However, as soon as they entered the game, they were greeted with something bizarre.

The last update erased many of the hard-earned crafting materials, badges, Apex coins, and battle pass advancements. According to KralRindo, the game was reset back to 9 months earlier. So, what you had at that time is currently showing up on your account right now.

The same happened to me. Before the second split came through, I had 10.5k crafting materials and 1650 Apex coins with a premium battle pass activated. However, after the split 2 went live and I restarted the game, I found that I had negative 1.6k Materials and 800 Apex coins. Not to mention, my premium battle pass is not activated anymore, and my battle pass level has also been reset to 1.

However, there is no reason for worry because Respawn is aware of the problem and appears to be looking into it. Still, to be on the safe side, we recommend that you do not log in to your account until Respawn releases a hotfix.

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By Nazmul Hassan FPS Editor
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