Octane Mythic Skin “Apex Riptide” Leaked

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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After Loba, Octane will have the privilege of receiving the prestigious mythic skin in Apex Legends.

There’s been a rumor that Respawn will stop releasing legend-specific heirlooms in Apex Legends. With the release of the Cobalt Katar heirloom, the rumor has kind of been proven true, as no new legend heirloom has been introduced in this season yet. So, players were worried that the developers might treat mythic skins the same way.

However, new leaks have revealed that this won’t be the case. Data miners like HYPERMYST have already revealed the next mythic skin in line, and none other than Octane will receive it. Here’s everything we know about Octane’s mythic “Apex Riptide.”

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Apex Riptide Final Look

Like every other mythic skin, Apex Riptide will have three tiers. The developers have given Octane a cyborg look with each of the tiers. All of the skins from each tier make Octane look like he came straight out of a sci-fi movie. People who have already seen the images complained about the tier 3 skin looking worse than tier 2. However, you may have a different opinion.

Apex Riptide Divetrail

The mythic skin’s divetrail is pretty similar to the Season 2 diamond trail. Two shark faces will accompany you when you equip the trail.

Apex Riptide Finisher

The finisher is going to be the most exciting cosmetic item of the Apex Riptide mythic for sure. The finisher clearly demonstrates Octane’s badass personality. I bet many people will buy the prestige just for the finisher alone.

Release Date

Currently, Apex Riptide has no confirmed release date. However, the skin will surely come out during season 20, alongside the next Collection Event.

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