Everything we Know About Apex Legends Cobalt Katar Heirloom

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Thanks to KralRindo, we have new information regarding Apex Legends’ upcoming Heirloom, Cobalt Katar.

Apex Legends introduced a universal Heirloom in the Season 19 Final Fantasy collection event. Despite the hefty price tag, the Heirloom was surprisingly well-received by the community and was overall successful, according to Respawn.

As a result, Apex Legends is reportedly planning to introduce another universal Heirloom. Here’s everything we know about the Cobalt Katar Heirloom.

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Cobalt Katar Heirloom Look

Respawn teased the Cobalt Katar Heirloom in the Breakout launch trailer. From 27 to 35 seconds, you can see Lifeline holding a unique-looking melee weapon that has never been in the game before. Apparently, this is the Cobalt Katar Heirloom.

Cobalt Katar Heirloom
credit: ea

Cobalt Katar is a one-handed melee weapon that takes its design cues from the Indian subcontinent’s “Katar” push dagger. The edge of the blade appears to be electrified, similar to Wraith’s Kunai, giving the heirloom a very flashy look. Apart from that, not much can be said about Cobalt Katar’s appearance and animation right now. We’ll get more information once more leaks are revealed.

It will be a Universal Heirloom

Cobalt Katar will be a universal Heirloom similar to the Buster Sword released in the Final Fantasy event. This means that any Legend in the game will be able to equip and use it. However, there’s more to it.

You can Upgrade it!

Unlike the Heirlooms we’ve seen previously, Cobalt Katar will offer plenty of customization options. According to KralRindo, you can change its style and parts by unlocking them. Nonetheless, you need to spend some money if you choose to upgrade it.

You can change it’s blade, power source, theme and deathbox skin (all blades and deathboxes locked behind paywall, most of power source and theme cosmetics unlocked)

KralRindo on X

Cobalt Katar Price

Based on the information available right now, Cobalt Katar Heirloom will be rewarded to players for unlocking 36 items from the particular Collection event. If that’s the case, the cost of Cobalt Katar will be 360 USD. However, to unlock every feature and upgrade Cobalt Katar fully, you have to spend around 700 USD.

What if I told you that this heirloom was 700 USD, would you believe me?

KralRindo on X

Nonetheless, it is still unconfirmed, as KralRindo himself said it is not 100% verified. Moreover, other sources also mentioned that this might not be the case. Therefore, an accurate price quote for Cobalt Katar cannot be provided at this time.

Cobalt Katar Release Date

According to KralRindo, the Cobalt Katar Heirloom will be released in the game in the upcoming season. However, there is no exact release date as of now.

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