Apex Legends Shadow Society Collection Event: Cobalt Katar Heirloom, 36 Cosmetics, Lockdown LTM & More

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The Shadow Society Collection Event introduces the universal Cobalt Katar heirloom, 36 unique cosmetic items, and a brand new LTM named Lockdown.

Due to the huge success of the Final Fantasy event, the developers made the decision to carry on the pattern of releasing universal heirlooms in Apex Legends. So, here we are with the new Shadow Society Collection Event.

Similar to the Final Fantasy crossover, the Shadow Society event features 36 cosmetic items. The ultimate reward, which is the Cobalt Katar melee, is a universal heirloom. Apart from these two changes, everything else remains almost the same as the previous Collection Events. Here’s a glimpse of everything coming with the Shadow Society event on March 26, 2024.

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Lockdown LTM

You have to stick together with your team and protect your turf in Lockdown, the first-ever four-squad free-for-all fight for control. You and your teammates will start off with regular TDM gear and aim to find capture zones scattered across small, chaotic maps like Thunderdome, Skulltown, Zeus Station, and Monument.

Lockdown LTM shadow society event
credit: EA

Your mission? Score points by grabbing those zones, keeping them safe, and knocking out rival players. Hit 500 points first, and you’ll claim victory. So, round up your squad, get ready for the showdown, and let’s dominate Lockdown!

New Universal Heirloom: Cobalt Katar

New Universal Heirloom Cobalt Katar

Since universal heirlooms will be released on a regular basis, Respawn decided to give them a name. According to Respawn, this mythic tier melee is classified as “Apex Artifacts.” Like the Buster Sword, any Legend in the game can equip Apex Artifacts. The same goes for Cobalt Katar. You can use it with any Legend once you unlock it.

36 Cosmetic Items

Unlike most Collection Events, the Shadow Society will feature 36 collectible items instead of 24. To get the Cobalt Katar Artifact, you have to unlock all 36 cosmetic items from the event. Here are some of the Legendary items from Shadow Society.

You can also get Milestone Rewards for unlocking 5, 10, 20, and 36 items.

  • For unlocking 5 items, you receive the “Coin Purse Weapon Charm.”
  • For unlocking 10 items, you receive the “Make it Rain Holospray.”
  • For unlocking 20 items, you receive the “Clean the Pipes Emote.”
  • For unlocking all 36 items, you receive the “Tax Collector Deathbox.”
shadow society event milestone rewards
credit: EA

Free Rewards

Like always, there are always free rewards for completing specific challenges during the event. For the Shadow Society event, you have to earn reputation by completing daily tasks. After that, you can use these reputation points to unlock rewards of your choice from the Reward Shop. The rewards will rotate every week.

1st Week Rewards

first week rewards shadow society
credit: EA

2nd Week Rewards

second week rewards shadow society
credit: Ea

3rd Week Rewards

third week rewards shadow society
credit: EA

The Apex Legends Shadow Society event is set to launch on March 26, 2024. If you’re eyeing the Cobalt Katar heirloom, be prepared to dig deep into your pockets, as it comes with a hefty price tag. However, if it is not something you are looking for, the event also introduces the exhilarating Lockdown LTM, coupled with a bunch of free rewards awaiting your discovery.

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