Respawn Shuts Down Apex Legends Servers Temporarily And Apologizes for Messing Up

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA

Respawn is currently working on the data loss issue. Temporarily shuts down the server to bring everyone’s account back to the previous state.

If anyone is still unaware, Respawn messed up big time with the Season 20 split 2 release; players lost much of their progressions, heirlooms, badges, coins, materials, and whatnot. According to KralRindo, the game time traveled back to 9 months. However, many players reported that their accounts were missing items, even from season 12.

As this was happening to almost everyone, Respawn immediately took notice of the incident and posted on X that they’d been investigating the issue. 4 hours later, they released a hotfix that resolved the issue only for people who hadn’t logged in to their accounts beforehand. However, the damage was done to the people who already logged in earlier.

15 hours later, Respawn again posted on X regarding the update. Thankfully, Respawn is rolling out a fix for the data loss. Everyone’s accounts should revert back to how they should be after the update. But to do that, Respawn has temporarily brought down the Apex Legends servers. Although they mentioned that the process may take an hour to complete, it may really take more than that.

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