Apex Legends New Map ‘Electro District’ Reported to Launch in Season 22

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By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA / Osvaldatore/ HYPERMYST

Players need to wait a little longer as the upcoming map has been delayed further back to Season 22.

Since Apex Legends’ release, Respawn has added a new map every four seasons apart. Until Season 15, Respawn consistently followed this pattern.

However, since World’s Edge, every new map in the game has been heavily criticized by the Apex Legends community. No matter how hard Respawn tried to address the issues with the new maps, something always seemed to be lacking.

The same happened with Broken Moon. The developers attempted everything possible to offer players a solid map that resembled World’s Edge. The layout of the map also looked great on paper. However, after playing it out, players immediately started discovering its flaws, and it quickly became one of Apex’s most despised maps.

So, this time, it looks like Respawn won’t just follow the previous standard and release the map only when it’s completely ready to go. And Osvaldatore, a fellow leaker in the Apex community, confirmed that the new map “Electro District” will come to Apex in Season 22.

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What do We Know About Electro District?

The first District teasers appeared months ago on the Storm Point map during Wattson’s town takeover. In the POI, you could find a weird map layout and a picture of what seems to be a new map with the code “E-District View.” It was the first time leakers revealed that the map was indeed under development for the game.

Electro District
credit: osvaldatore
Electro District
credit: osvaldatore

Here’s a better look at the new map layout, drawn by Wattson herself.

Credit: pwnhub

Moreover, another leak regarding the Electro District map was found in the game files. It is likely a teaser that’ll be shown in the game before Season 22.


For now, that is all we know about the latest map in Apex Legends. Hopefully, the upcoming map will not disappoint the community like before.

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