Apex Legends Crashing While Matchmaking? Here’s Why and How to Fix

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Players have been facing sudden crashes since the Shadow Society event update. However, it only happens if you visit the in-game store page while queuing.

Respawn has a tradition of breaking Apex Legends with almost every major update. At this point, the community has also accepted the fact that this custom will continue, and the weird bugs and errors will always show up.

Most of the time, the bugs and errors aren’t that serious, and players can laugh it off. However, sometimes, the bugs and errors are too frustrating to overlook, especially when they prevent you from playing or enjoying the game at all.

The same thing has been happening in Season 20 since the Shadow Society event update. A number of players reported that their game crashed while they were matchmaking and browsing the in-game store. As absurd as it sounds, accessing the Apex store while queuing triggers the error, which ends up causing the game to crash.

Many of you facing the error multiple times may have already realized why it’s been happening to you. However, most players might still be unaware of this, ending up losing hard-earned RPs in ranked matches.

So, what can you do for now? Currently, the only way to avoid crashing the game is not to visit the Apex store when you are queuing for a match. You can safely visit the store page before queueing for a game or right after it ends.

Respawn has a planned update scheduled for April 1, 2024. There’s a good chance that the issue will be resolved by then. However, if it has not been fixed by then, we recommend that you avoid browsing the Apex store while matchmaking.

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