Apex Legends Season 20 “Breakout” Full Patch Notes

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Here are all the changes coming to Apex Legends’ most anticipated Season 20.

Apex Legends Season 20 is approaching fast. According to what we’ve seen so far, the developers have named it “Breakout,” and it’ll come out on February 13, 2024.

Unlike the previous three seasons, there will be tons of new content coming to Season 20. Most of the changes have already been revealed by the likes of Gameinformer and other leakers.

However, there were still some major to minor changes that were not published. Thankfully, the patch notes have been revealed by Respawn, so we don’t have to speculate anymore. So, without further ado, let’s see what Season 20 of Apex Legends has in store for us.

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Season 20 Official Patch Notes

Breakout Rewards

Breakout Map Rotation

  • Olympus
  • Storm Point
  • World’s Edge

Performance Mode: 120Hz

On PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, the Video Settings menu has a new “Performance” mode option that is available to players with 120Hz displays. This option targets 120 FPS performance with content optimizations and reductions to visual quality.


  • Decreased interaction time with Replicators
  • Inventory can now be accessed from the crafting menu
  • Printed items left alone will auto-eject from the Replicator after some time

World’s Edge: Rampart’s Big Maude

  • All Big Maude paintball weapons are now free, but they will take time to dispense from their vending machines. Once a player has claimed their free weapon, they cannot get another. Loba will still be able to steal a second gun with her Black Market. There is also an increased variety of weapons to choose from, but gold-kitted weapons are no longer offered at Big Maude.

Legend Upgrades

Assault Class


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Murder MachineCall out the number of squads within 150 meters after a squad wipe.
One Minute to LiveUsing Passive tracks enemy position on map for 60 seconds.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Greedy SnareArc Snare remains in play for 24 seconds and can catch multiple enemies.
Twin SnaresGain an Arc Snare charge.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
AmmuvisionSee relevant ammo types in Death Boxes.
Care Package InsightReveal the most valuable item in Care Packages.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Extra BulletGain a Smart Bullet charge.
Lasting BulletSmart Bullet duration is tripled.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Big BangSee nearby ordnance through walls and on Death Boxes.
Ultimate Cooldown+Reduce Ultimate cooldown by 60 seconds.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Cover MeAuto-Ping enemies who trigger Double Time.
RefugeRegenerate HP while inside Smoke.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Big BangSee nearby ordnance through walls and on Death Boxes.
Scar TissueTake 50% less damage and no slow effects from The Motherlode.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Knuckle HustlerShort speed boost on successful Knuckle Cluster hit.
WrecklessTake 25% less explosive damage.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Fire BallWrecking Ball catches fire and explodes in thermite.
Shots Shots ShotsAuto-Reload shotguns on knock.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Big DrillIncrease depth and width of Tactical by 50%.
DrillslingerGain a Riot Drill charge; reduce active duration by 25%.

Skirmisher Legend


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Battery CollectionShield Battery count shown above Death Boxes.
Big BangSee nearby ordnance through walls and on Death Boxes.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Tactical CooldownReduce Tactical cooldown by 5 seconds.
Ultimate CooldownReduce Ultimate cooldown by 30 seconds.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Thick SkinTake 25% less Stim damage.
WrecklessTake 25% less explosive damage.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Airborne AgilityChange directions with the Launch Pad double-jump.
Mad HopsGain an extra Launch Pad charge.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Field ResearchGain access to Survey Beacons.
RingmasterGain access to Ring Consoles.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Down and AwayGrapple cooldown reset on knock.
Zipline ZenTake 25% less damage while riding energized Ziplines.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Murder MachineCall out the number of squads within 150 meters after a squad wipe.
Tactical CooldownReduce Tactical cooldown by 5 seconds.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Agile AssassinTotal Shadow Pounce charge time reduced by 20%.
Grim LeaperShadow Pounce cooldown reset on knock.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Aerial ExpertIncreased horizontal Jetpack speed and acceleration.
AfterburnersLaunch 15% higher with Skyward Dive.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Full CoverageWiden Missile Swarm pattern from 4×3 to 3×5.
Full TankIncrease Jetpack fuel by 25%.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Sixth SensePassive warns when nearby squad count increases.
Tactical CooldownReduce Tactical cooldown by 5 seconds.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Fast PhaseReduce Tactical wind-up by 20%.
Ultimate Cooldown+Reduce Ultimate cooldown by 60 seconds.

Recon Legends


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Raven’s BlessingWhite Ravens charge Ultimate by 25% when activated.
Tactical CooldownReduce Tactical cooldown by 5 seconds.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Odin’s GlareDouble the duration of Tactical’s full-body highlight.
Taste of BloodGain 25 HP on knocks while Ultimate is active.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Tactical Cooldown+Reduce Tactical cooldown by 10 seconds.
Ultimate CooldownReduce Ultimate cooldown by 30 seconds.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Network ExpansionIncrease Neurolink and EMP range by 25%.
Network TrafficDeploying the Drone calls out squads in the area.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Long ViewIncrease Passive and Tactical range to 75m.
Racing HeartsFaster movement using Passive.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Artist’s ReachIncrease the throw range of Ultimate by 20 meters.
Focus ScanIncrease Tactical scan duration by 1.5 seconds.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
RingmasterGain access to Ring Consoles.
Ultimate ReloadUltimate Accelerants grant +2 bullets.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Bat BounceImproved Tactical’s double-jump.
SharpshooterRefresh Tactical on hits with Ultimate.

Controller Legends


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Long CastIncrease Spike throw range by 40%.
Sister SpikesIncrease max number of active Spikes by one.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Long VeilIncrease Ultimate length by 15 meters.
Resilient VeilIncrease Ultimate lifetime by 5 seconds.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Parabolic ForceIncrease Tactical throw range by 75%.
Particle DiffuserIncrease Ultimate area of effect by 50%.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Breathe It InRegenerate HP while enveloped in Nox Gas.
Residual ToxinsNox Vision persists for longer.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
BandolierCarry extra ammo per stack.
Ultimate CooldownReduce Ultimate cooldown by 30 seconds.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Amped ReloadsReload faster with Sheila or when behind Amped Cover.
Ramped UpImproved Mobile Sheila handling and spin up time by 20%.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Falling StarsPylon interceptions spawn Arc Stars at its base.Enemy attacks only.1.5s cooldown between spawns.Arc Stars must be picked up before more than five can be spawned.
Fresh StartAllies are revived with 50 HP.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Power PylonDouble Ultimate’s HP and Shield Regen capacity.
Split CircuitPlace up to 2 Pylons with half the shield regen capacity and use Ultimate Accelerants twice as fast.

Support Legends


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Battery CollectionShield Battery count shown above Death Boxes.
Radiant TransferIncrease Tactical range by 10 meters.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Bigger JamEach Ultimate jammer’s damage radius increased by 10%.
Split ChargeGain a Tactical charge but halve shield regen duration.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Fresh StartAllies are revived with 50 HP.
Shots Shots ShotsAuto-Reload shotguns on knocks.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Baby BubbleReduce Tactical size and cooldown by 25%.
Bubble BunkerIncrease Tactical lifetime by 4 seconds.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Rapid ResponseIncrease Revive speed by 20%.
Tactical Cooldown+Reduce Tactical cooldown by 10 seconds.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Gift WrappedNext Lifeline Care Package is a Supply Drop.
Last StandGain a Self-Revive.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
High ValueIncrease Tactical height and range.
Market ExpansionIncrease Ultimate range by 25%.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Shopping SpreeLoba can take an extra item from Black Markets.
Tactical CooldownReduce Tactical cooldown by 5 seconds.


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Miracle WorkerAllies are revived with health regen up to 75 HP.
More MeGain an Ultimate Decoy; reduce cooldown by 30 seconds.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Bamboozle BonusRefresh Tactical on successful Bamboozles.
Me TwoGain a Decoy charge (can have both active at once).


     Level 2 Upgrade Options
Swift ShieldIncrease Mobile Shield speed to weapon sprint speed.
Thick ShieldMobile Shield segments gain 250 HP.
Level 3 Upgrade Options
Miracle WorkerAllies are revived with health regen up to 75 HP.
Stronghold+250 Castle Wall HP; extend energized barrier duration to 2 minutes.

Patch Notes

  • Added Tags: a 3-4 character piece of flair ahead of players’ usernames that appear everywhere usernames do
    • Clubs are being retired—check out the Highlights blog for more details
  • Events moved into a dedicated tab in the Lobby (out of Seasonal tab)

Balance Updates

Crafting 2.0

  • Crafting Rotation is no more, all weapons and loot are back on the floor
  • Crafting options reduced to Shield Battery, Medkit, Ammo, and Player Banners
  • Inventory can now be accessed from the Crafting menu
  • Rampart’s Big Maude
    • All paintball weapons are now free, dispense time increased
    • Increased variety of weapons, but gold kitted weapons no longer offered
    • One free weapon per player, per match (Loba can steal a second with Black Market)
  • Replicators
    • Each individual Replicator is now single-use per player, per match
    • Every game will start with 12 spawned
    • Decreased interaction time with instant printing
    • Printed items left alone will auto-eject from the Replicator after some time

Care Package Weapon Rotation

  • EVA-8 enters the Care Package
  • Prowler returns to the floor

Gold Weapons Rotation

  • R-301, RE-45, Mastiff, Devotion, 30-30

Weapons & Attachments


  • Base damage reduced to 39 (was 42)
  • Ammo capacity
    • Base capacity unchanged (6)
    • White Magazine reduced to 7 (was 8)
    • Blue Magazine reduced to 8 (was 10)
    • Purple & Gold Magazine reduced to 10 (was 12)
  • Skullpiercer headshot multiplier reduced to 2.0 (was 2.1)
  • Dual Loader removed as an integrated Hop-Up, now only loads 1 shell per reload
  • Marksman Stock reload speed bonus normalized to match other sniper weapons
  • Reloading 3 shells in a row now increases reload speed by 20% for the remainder of the reload

EVA-8 [Care Package]

  • Damage reduced to 6 (was 7)
  • Fire rate increased to 3 (was 2.4)
  • Recoil reduced to better match the much faster fire rate
  • Hammer Points: 20% damage increase against flesh (+1 damage)
  • Gold Shotgun Bolt: shells reloaded on slide increased to 2 (was 1)
    • Note: this change only affects the Care Package EVA-8


  • Damage reduced to 20 (was 21)
  • Hipfire spread increased
  • Spread delay increased to 0.28 (was 0.21)


  • Can no longer equip Barrel Attachments

Prowler [Floor]

  • Reverted to non-Care Package version
    • Damage decreased to 15 (was 16)
    • Select Fire Hop-Up removed
  • Burst delay increased to 0.28 (was 0.24)
  • Spread delay increased to 0.28 (was 0.15)


  • ADS vertical and horizontal recoil increased


  • Hipfire spread reduced

SMG Ballistics

  • Projectile gravity increased across all SMGs
  • Projectile launch speed reduced across most SMGs (Prowler unchanged)

1x Digital Threat

  • Can no longer be equipped to SMGs
  • Spawn rates reduced by 20%

Laser Sights

  • Spread multipliers reduced
    • White Laser Sight adjusted to x0.9 (was x0.8)
    • Blue Laser Sight adjusted to x0.8 (was x0.6)
    • Purple Laser Sight adjusted to x0.7 (was x0.4)


Heavy-Rig Legends (Gibraltar, Caustic, Pathfinder, Newcastle, Revenant)

  • Now use medium-rig first-person movement animations
  • Actual game speeds have not changed, these Legends will feel less sluggish when running

Support Legends

  • Extended Supply Bin contents have been improved (see below)


  • Sling: Sling Weapons now have all White attachments while equipped
  • Tempest: effect radius for ally range has been increased to 90m (was 13m)


  • Tracker: Raven scan’s Ult Charge is now gated behind the Hunting Ravens upgrade


  • Dark Veil:
    • lifetime decreased to 15s (was 25s)
    • length decreased to 40m (was 55m)


  • Radiant Flash
    • Cooldown increased to 26s (was 21s)
    • Temporary Shield generation rate decreased to 15HP/s (was 20HP/s)
    • Temporary Shield generation time increased to 9s (was 8s)
  • Energy Barricade
    • Mine duration reduced to 45s (was 60s)
    • Mine HP reduced to 200HP (was 250HP)
    • The distance at which mines are removed when deployed too close to one another has been increased by ~100%


  • Surveillance Drone
    • Speed of drone recall has been increased slightly
    • Transitions going in and out of drone are now faster


  • Gravity Lift: cooldown increased to 25s (was 20s)


  • In modes with Upgrade Cores enabled, Lifeline’s Care Package now has a 50/50 chance to drop an extra piece of smart equipment (vs. large consumable) instead of an Armor

Mad Maggie

  • Wrecking Ball
    • Will no longer be destroyed on first enemy hit
      • Instead, the Wrecking Ball will trigger an explosion then keep going, allowing for a second explosion to trigger later
      • The same player cannot be hit again by the ball for 2s after first impact
      • Players can only be affected by the shellshock and knockback effects once
    • Will now bounce through devices it hits and destroys


  • Jump Pad: audio falloff of double-jump has been adjusted to be slightly less audible from long distances


  • Insider Knowledge
    • Scanning Care Packages now awards 50% Ult Charge (was 100%) and 15s Ult Cooldown (was 10s)
    • This also applies to Ring Console or Survey Beacon scans


Map Updates

  • The Apex Games Museum on World’s Edge has an all-new exhibit that honors the history of the Outlands and the origin of the Games. Filled with interactive kiosks, artwork and red carpet flair, the museum has many interesting tidbits of information, community artwork and even some easter eggs.
  • Special celebration dressing in the form of flags, banners, and even the return of our larger than life Legend balloons can be found on every map. This year features an all-new cast designed with the Breakout aesthetic in mind. 
  • Tridents, jump balloons, gravity cannons, loot bins and more have a fresh look to compliment the theme of the season.


Feel the energy as the crowd comes alive in our first custom Mixtape map!

  • Immerse yourself in the action of a focused 3-lane multiplayer map, designed for fast-paced gameplay
  • Playable for all mixtape game modes: Team Deathmatch, Gun Run, and Control
  • Get hyped listening to the cheers from the crowd in the arena stands


  • Mixtape
    • Updated Loadouts to reflect Weapon Meta changes
    • Gun Run: removed Charge Rifle, added Kraber
  • NEW LTM: Straight Shot—check out the collection event blog for more details
    • Players spawn above a random POI and skydive in, no Jumpmaster
    • Weapons spawn kitted at different rarities, streamlining loot
    • Reduced Lobby to 30 players and shorter rounds
    • Requeue with your party directly from the death screen


Check out our Breakout Highlights blog for more details on Ranked Reloaded.

  • Level requirement now 20 (was 50)
    • Entry cost will return: 20 RP per Tier starting at Silver
  • Player Rankings now visible
  • Promotional Trials have been removed
  • Provisional Matches have been removed
  • Ranked Tier RP requirements will have some increases
  • RP value will be used to matchmake. For full-stack premades, the highest RP value in the squad will be used.
  • Splits are returning
    • Start at 1 RP at the beginning of the Season, split will drop ranking by 6 divisions
  • Updated Bonuses
    • Challenger Bonus: earn a 50% bonus on a elimination of a higher ranked player that was contributed to
    • Top 5 Streak Bonus: for maintaining a placement streak of 5th or better, earn up to a maximum of a 40 RP bonus
      • 2 match streak: +10 RP
      • 3 match streak: +20 RP
      • 4 match streak: +30 RP
      • 5+ match streak: +40 RP

World Systems

Extended Supply Bins 

  • Extended Supply Bins now give Smart Gear
    • Players can find gear upgrades for Knockdown Shields, Helmets, and Backpacks in the hidden shelf
    • Small chance of granting purple gear if a player on the squad has white gear or none at all
    • Small chance of granting gold gear if the entire squad has purple gear
  • More reliably gives Heat Shields & MRBs when needed
  • Increased likelihood of getting Med Kit over Syringes

Ring Exploit Prevention

  • Players spending too much time outside the Ring will be warned, then eliminated

Bug Fixes

  • Double-clicking in the Melee Tab now equips items
  • Firing Range dummies no longer clip through damaged doors
  • Heat Shields and Legend Ult items can no longer be placed on Tridents
  • In-match Challenge display now lists all 5 challenges
  • Player created pings can once again be removed
  • Players will no longer teleport into the building overlooking the fight night ring via Trident
  • Valkyrie can no longer get under the turbine on Olympus
  • Voiceline while picking up enemy Banner Cards no longer indicates it is a squadmate


  • Most in-game dialogue is now synchronized between clients
  • Squad members can now be muted while spectating


  • DX12 (PC) fixed several causes of crashes


  • Ash Ult, Rampart Tac/Ult, Wattson Tac/Ult, and Loba Ult can no longer be placed out of bounds
  • Conduit’s Tac now appears for observers
  • Mad Maggie’s Ult now destroys Gibby’s Tac
  • Mirage decoys that are destroyed by Catalyst’s Piercing Spikes no longer keep the trap active nor make hit sounds briefly after dying

Quality of Life

  • Destructible Legend abilities have consistent damage feedback
    • Objects which previously showed red (flesh) damage numbers will now show as gray and the damage numbers will indicate if the object is destroyed
    • Increased visibility for gray damage numbers
  • Firing Range: Nessie was inspired after watching some centuries old videos and wanted to change things up a bit. The yellow and purple polka-dots look quite dashing.
  • Gun Run: changed the Victory notification for the winning team to say “You Are the Champion” instead of “<Team> is the Champion”
  • Per Optic ADS Sensitivity: added an option for Seer Passive which controls how quickly you can turn while unarmed and using Heart Seeker
  • Performance Mode aim assist has been tuned to feel similar to 60Hz mode
  • Added advanced haptics and adaptive triggers support for PlayStation and PC consoles
    • If you encounter an issue, please ensure to connect the controller via USB and complete any updates


  • Event Tab: dedicated tab appears when there is an active Event (previously under the Seasonal Tab)
  • Death Menu: added a Squad Tab where you can access your groups information, report, and mute VoIP/pings while you’re dead
  • Legends Tab: selected Legend will not reset to featured one when your cursor is not over a Legend
  • Melee Tab: Death Box icon is now clickable
  • Store Tab: new subtab containing offers that were previously in Featured, Specials, Seasonal, and more with improved navigational flow and presentation


  • General GPU rendering optimizations for FX
  • Improved Low Res FX rendering quality
  • Improved Volumetric Lighting
  • Optimized FX after stepping through a Catalyst wall for better GPU performance
  • Optimized FX when taking damage from Fuse’s ultimate for better GPU performance
  • PS5 and Xbox SX/S improved CPU graphics performance with parallelization of rendering workloads

Live API Updates and Upcoming Changes

We are adding new gameplay event messages to LiveAPI supporting Legend Upgrades and EVO Level changes alongside improvements and bug fixes based on ongoing feedback. The schema of all events alongside technical documentation can be found in the LiveAPI folder of the game installation.

In order to better support LiveAPI 2.0, we will retire the existing file-based output in favor of the WebSockets connection interface. The file-based output will be turned off by default in a future patch and entirely removed from LiveAPI by Q3 2024. Developers should begin migrating their apps to the WebSockets interface in order to avoid disruptions.

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