Apex Legends’ Upcoming Legend “Alter” Seemingly Leaked

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: EA

The next addition to the Apex roster is seemingly named Alter. When will they debut?

The tail end of Apex Legends Season 19 is ramping up with multiple leaks for the next content cycle. Respawn knows that they have to reconsider what they are putting into each Season. Recent leaks suggest the game is getting a massive overhaul, and the latest addition to the leaks is the anticipated new Legend.

The last legend to be added was Conduit in Season 19. It was just a matter of time before the details of the next legend dropped. Surprisingly, it is not the most exciting news in the Apex community, which is a huge plus!

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Apex Legends’ Roster to Add “Alter”

The hype around the update is at an all-time high. Adding to that, now there are leaks of the newest Legend as well. Reportedly, Alter is the newest legend that will join the ranks in Season 21. Twitter user HYPERMYST came in clutch once again, reporting that the newest legend is already going through testing.

The legend portrait is right next to Valkyrie. So, it is fair to assume that “Alter” will be Apex’s 7th Skirmisher legend. The name could be deduced from the kill feed where automated messages show the name “Alter”. The extent of the leaks ends here, and there is still no information about the abilities or the lore of the character. Apex will be introducing its 26th playable legend with the addition of Alter. Fans can expect some new gameplay mechanics, although it is hard to tell without more leaked information.

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