Season 4 Reactive Battle Pass Flatline Recolor is Coming to Apex in Season 20 as a Free Reward!

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: EA

Season 4 battle pass reactive Flatline has been the most sought-after skin in Apex Legends. Now, you might get the chance to snatch it for free!

In Apex Legends, once the battle pass expires, it is no longer possible to receive those skins anymore. So, skins like the Season 4 Flatline battle pass reactive skin are very valuable since you can no longer unlock those after the season ends. Newer players have wanted a way to unlock or buy those long-lost skins for a while now. The player base was also much smaller compared to now, making those skins extra valuable.

Respawn is rumored to be adding a paid recolor of the flatline skin and many others. However, other pressing issues got in the way, and the idea was reportedly scrapped. Now, after so many years, there’s finally a way for players to get their hands on their favorite past skins, that too for free!

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Free Reactive Flatline Battle Pass Skin

There are a lot of changes planned for the next season of Apex Legends. From armor changes to legend perks, the game is set to be a new experience. Adding to that, the Season 20 battle pass will have a free skin, which is a recolor of the current flatline reactive skin.

Anyone who levels up the battle pass will be able to unlock this skin. You will only need to complete the in-game challenges. The skin is said to be a mix of white and gold colors with a reddish tint as the reactive colors.

Reactive Flatline Skin
First Look at the free Flatline Reactive Skin. Credit-EA

With the addition of reactive skins in the battle pass, Respawn is changing the expectations of the player base. Previously, these kinds of skins were very unique and, therefore, locked behind paywalls like premium passes or bundles. Players can now be hopeful that past skins that were locked behind battle pass rewards may be obtainable through future events or rewards!

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