Apex Legends Finally Patches “Automated Strafing on Controller,” MnK Players Rejoice

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: EA

Respawn has finally decided to put the hammer down on configs.

In case you missed it, the controller player armageddon was boiling over as both casual and professional players were at the limit. The advantage of using a controller with a configuration is that it just raises the skill floor without the effort. People were hoping for a reaction from the developers. Apex Legends has finally decided to nerf tap strafing on controllers.

Respawn released Apex back in 2019 on both console and PC. While players could use a controller to play on PC, the movement and aim advantage on MnK was too noticeable. Aim-assist helped to reduce that issue, but over time, the controller players were able to use configurations and bridge the gap and cross over it!

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Respawn Addresses Apex Controller Tap Strafing

After many years of complaints, including Reps, ImperialHAL alongside many other pros in the community, Respawn has finally shown their hands. They announced over on Twitter that they are rolling out changes to the game, addressing the issues of third-party tools and equating them to cheating.

The use of third-party tools, hardware, firmware, or software that automates game mechanics for a competitive edge over other Apex players is considered cheating and is unacceptable. As such, we will continue to evaluate potential exploits and take further action as needed.

With this tweet, Respawn has doubled down against macro abusers, who use Steam config to replicate difficult skill moves with just a button on a controller. Many players, including professionals, welcomed this change with open arms.

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