Three Strikes is Back in Apex Legends Until February 13, 2024

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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One of the most popular LTMs is making its return once again.

Apex has a good mix of revolving casual game modes. These are a great way to relax from the grueling pubs and competitive-ranked games. One of these modes has been a fan-favorite and is set to return back to the pool. Three Strikes is returning in the next rotation in Apex Legends.

This comes after the highly debated FF7 X Apex Crossover, where players stood on both sides of the debate. Some players found the game to be very enjoyable, while others complained about the Nessie takeover in the outlands! Nevertheless, Three Strikes is universally loved.

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What is Three Strikes in Apex?

Three Strikes is a Limited Time Mode (LTM) introduced in the Apex x Post Malone. It allowed squads to respawn up to 2 more times after the game started, allowing players to stay up with their loot. This was basically a squad deathmatch, and players were all for it. Any knocked players won’t die unless all teammates are knocked. Revives take 1 second, and players are revived with 70 Health compared to the usual 20.

The mode is set to release on January 31, and players are more than happy to see it return! Although some players just want the return of normal trios, most players are just happy to see the FF7 event close.

Three strikes is coming in 33 minutes.
byu/Lower-Status-5451 inapexlegends

The previous town takeover was riddled with some complaints as the games were apparently less dependent on abilities and more on killer Nessie. Nevertheless, the reintroduction of Three Strikes is already hyping up the community after a slow start to the year!

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