Armors will No Longer be Available as Ground Loot from Apex Legends Season 20

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By Nazmul Hassan
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New leaks revealed that Apex Legends Season 20 will undergo significant armor changes.

Apex Legends Season 19 is coming to an end. Content-wise, the season was pretty bland. So, the majority of the community is pretty happy it is getting over soon. However, they are also expecting Respawn to provide something more than what they’ve given for the past two seasons.

However, with the new season approaching, rumors about the game’s upcoming content are starting to surface. And the most surprising change seems to be the potential armor update. If this update goes through, it may change the ongoing meta.

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Armors to be Removed from Ground Loot

A new leak from Osvaldatore, a trusted leaker in the Apex Legends community, revealed some details about the planned armor update. The leaker claims that all armor will be removed from the ground in Season 20.

The update will also include an armor-swapping change. While swapping, you’ll only get the amount of shield bars your currently equipped armor has. So, if you have level 2 armor and replace a level 3 shield from a death box, you will only have 75 shield health rather than 100, and vice versa.

There is more! According to Osvaldatore, we’ll also get Legend perks with the armor update. When upgrading their armor, players will be able to choose one of two perk options. However, it remained unclear whether the update would just be available via crafters. In any case, the changes look really significant for the game.

Many players in the community have already questioned the integrity of the leak. However, KralRindo, another trustworthy content creator in the community, noticed that the leaks are true. So, there’s no question that these changes will, in fact, come with Season 20. However, the real question is whether these adjustments will benefit the game or not.

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