What is the Hot Drop Store in Apex Legends?

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: EA

The newest addition to Apex is a new category in the online marketplace of the game.

Apex Legends has recently introduced a new micro-transaction option into the game. Dubbing it the Apex “Hot Drop” store, the new store rotation is personalized for every player and aims to cater to what the player wants.

However, as soon as the store launched, there were multiple issues that players reported over on Twitter and on Reddit. The reception wasn’t as warm as Respawn would’ve liked. Respawn also pulled the store only after a day. They cited bugs were affecting some players.

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How Does the Apex Hot Drop Store Work?

The store works similarly to the Night Market people are familiar with in VALORANT. Just like in Riot’s title, a player is given some limited-time options of skin or skin bundles. These are also sold at a discount from their original price. This allows players to access skin bundles that are either unavailable or just too expensive at times.

The Problem With The Store

Players immediately reported inconsistencies between the Hot Drop prices and the regular store prices. Reddit threads started where players expressed their disappointment. This is because the bundles in the store sale apparently were only minimally discounted. Sometimes, they straight up cost more.

Hot Drop Store Bundle
u/Blackfox2240’s Hot Drop vs Regular Store price

This wasn’t the only instance of the issue. Respawn quickly moved to take down the store amid what they reported as a bug. As expected, this was again met with some strong opinions on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, people are upset over the whole ordeal. The concept is proven through titles like VALORANT and League. So, there is no reason it shouldn’t work in Apex as well. However, with price differences like this, the community is bound to be disappointed.

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