Crafting Material Are Going Away Alongside Huge Replicator Changes

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Season 20 is bringing more disruption as leaked replicator changes are astonishing!

As Season 19 is reaching its climax, fans of Apex are awaiting the changes for the next update cycle. The leaks are getting more intense as radical changes are keeping the player base on their feet. Replicators aren’t safe either, and changes to their utility should be welcome.

Since its release, Respawn has brought a ton of new content into Apex Legends every season, including Legends, Maps, WeaponsHeirlooms, Skins, Limited Time Modes, and more. Most of the time, they also take user feedback into account when adjusting features and content. The recent backlash from recycled content and gameplay loop must’ve been enough for Respawn to come out with such drastic measures.

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Replicator Changes: Crafting Materials Removed

Previously, there were tubes of crafting materials near and around spawning replicators. Using the replicators required collecting enough materials obtained through these vats or looting crates in the outlands. In Season 20, the rumored changes are that the material vats around the map will be removed, and materials will be collected naturally as you progress in the game.

The contents of the replicator are also changing, as it will focus on support items like med kits and batteries. They are set to become single-use as well, so you have to really strategize on what you might need instead of just spamming cheap items.

This kind of change is undoubtedly going to make replicators much more valuable. Previously, they were not as useful, only used to craft the purple tier weekly items that were moved into it from the ground. Now, controlling a replicator might be more useful.

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