Apex Legends Season 12 Character Mad Maggie: First Look, Abilities, Release Date, Skins, & More

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Image Credit: Respawn/ KralRindo

Apex Legends’ Season 12 Legend is Maggie. Much of her information has been revealed. Go through the article to find more.

Respawn Entertainment entered the highly competitive battle royale genre of video games with Apex Legends, a spin-off game based on the Titanfall franchise. It garnered a massive dedicated fanbase following its initial launch back in 2019.

Aside from their world-class first-person shooter mechanics, the introduction of hero shooter-like abilities to this format made this battle royale game stand out in the sea of other battle royale games.

With a new season in Apex Legends, Respawn introduces a new legend to spice up the legend meta. According to early leaks, Maggie will be the following legend in line to join the Apex games and fight alongside the current roster of characters.

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Mad Maggie’s First Look

Maggie made her official debut back in the Fight Night event and made her presence known to the players with her over-the-top voice lines. During the Fight Night Event, a boxing ring was added in the middle of the Olympus map.

Players who took part in those close-quarter duels within the boxing ring would be blasted with voice lines from Maggie telling them they are a bunch of Syndicate dogs, alongside other insults. According to the official Apex Legends lore, Maggie died after falling from a high-rise building.

However, it appears that she is not dead; instead, she will be joining the current vibrant roster of legends in the upcoming season 12 of Apex Legends.

Image Credit: Kralrindo

Mad Maggie’s Abilities

  • Passive Warlord’s Ire: Temporarily highlight enemies you’ve damaged and move faster with a shotgun.
  • Tactical Riot Drill: Fire a drill that burns enemies through obstacles.
  • Ultimate Wrecking Ball: Throw a ball that releases speed-boosting pads and detonates near enemies.
Mad Maggie's Abilities:
Image via EA

Based on the gameplay trailer, she will be a force to deal with in the Apex games.

Mad Maggie’s Release Date

Maggie will enter the Apex games with season 12 of Apex Legends on February 8, 2022.

Mad Maggie’s Legendary Skins

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