Ex-Math teacher turned streamer teaches how to get better at Apex Legends

A former Math teacher who is currently pursuing a new career in streaming reveals how to get better at Apex Legends.

NinjaAtlas” left his teaching job to pursue a career in streaming. After six months of grinding the ranked ladder in Apex Legends, he finally reached Diamond. Learning how to get good at competitive first-person shooter games can be daunting for beginners as most newbies don’t know how to get better at them.

Following his ascension to the Diamond rank in Apex, NinjaAtlas decided to advise up-and-comers on learning how to get better at a fast-paced game such as Apex Legends—while this may not sound like a big deal, learning how to learn things at a reasonable pace is one of those meta-skills that can come in handy in almost every aspect of one’s life.

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For new players who are getting their feet wet with first-person shooters like Apex, NinjaAtlas advises them to work on their mechanics provided if they lack mechanically. Instead, use free or paid aim improvement tools such as Aimlabs or KovaaK’s to get better at tracking your opponents on the battlefield.

Apex Legends NinjaAtlas
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Playing for long hours doesn’t usually mean you are getting better at the game. Instead, play for four to five hours but make sure that you don’t go into autopilot mode during those four to five hours. Learn from your mistakes during those hours and think about your decision-making skills.

Tips on how to get better at Apex Legends

With enough grit and determination, reaching your dream rank can be a reality. However, just like everything in life, you have to put in the hours to get any actual results, as it takes time for new players to grasp the competitive environment of first-person shooter games.

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