Long-Term Bangalore Player ShivFPS Switches to Valkyrie as Season 11 Apex Meta Takes Over

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: ShivFPS/Respawn

Bangalore main ShivFPS decided to move on from playing Bangalore exclusively as the new dynamic “Valk” meta is too good to ignore in Apex Legends season 11.

At its very core, Apex Legends is a hero shooter with battle royale elements baked in. As with any other FPS game with hero-shooter mechanics, new meta-shifting updates are commonplace. In order to compete at the highest level, players have to figure out the most effective combination of legends to get an edge over their opponents in the Apex games.

Popular streamer and professional Apex Legends player Shivam “ShivFPS” Patel has become synonymous with Bangalore, as he has been using this legend exclusively throughout his professional career. That all changed in season 11, as the current meta consisting mainly of Valkyrie, Gibraltar, and Wraith has been too dominant in the high ELO-ranked matches and tournaments.

Over the years, Respawn has introduced reworks to certain characters to give them a spot in the limelight. Unfortunately, the distribution of these powerups has not been equal among all the legends. Consequently, long-term Bangalore veteran ShivFPS was forced to move away from playing as her to keep up with the meta.

ShivFPS Bangalore main
Image via Respawn

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ShivFPS Says Goodbye to Bangalore?

According to ShivFPS, it has become impossible to play Apex Legends at a high level while using Bangalore simultaneously since the game punishes anyone who isn’t strictly following the new meta.

ShivFPS later further clarifies that during the past ten seasons of Apex Legends, Bangalore has never been in the conversation of being a good pick in the competitive meta. This has forced him to retire his main in this battle royale title.

Respawn has always had a restricted approach to changing the character meta in Apex Legends. It took them a really long time to move away from the age-old Pathfinder, Wattson, and Wraith meta.

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Unfortunately, this slow but steady approach meant many players who are used to picking legends who are not part of the meta being forced to pick up a new character in order to stay effective in higher ELO.

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