Apex Legends Season 12 Dog Fight Live Event Teaser: Starting Date, Map Location, & More

We finally have more concrete information regarding the upcoming live event teaser in Apex Legends that will take place on the Storm Point map.

Respawn made their first foray into the overcrowded battle royale market with Apex Legends which is basically a spin-off game based on the Titanfall franchise of video games. And surprisingly everyone, Respawn launched this title back in 2019 without any prior marketing.

Despite facing tough competition from the likes of PUBG and Fortnite, Respawn managed to carve off a portion of the battle royale fanbase for themselves. Suffices to say that they are currently one of the more influential players in this space.

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While the current iteration of the game offers a robust selection of game modes for players to choose from, the game always lacked the over-the-top live events that Fortnite is known for. However, seems like that is about to change as Respawn is apparently introducing their very first live event hinting at the content that they have in store for players in the upcoming season 12 of Apex Legends.

The Salvo / Syndicate dogfight teaser

According to data miners, the upcoming live event will take place in the newly added Storm Point map. And it will apparently feature a large-scale dogfight between Salvo and the Syndicate.

Live Event Teaser Starting Date:

The Salvo / Syndicate dogfight teaser will start on Storm Point on 21 Jan at around 10 am PT / 6 pm GMT.

Event Starting Location:

Data miners have also revealed the exact location where this live event teaser will take place. Also, the live event will apparently end at the edge of the map. The exact location is given in the image below. Make sure to visit this exact site after the battle ends to inspect the wreckage from the battle.

Apex live event teaser location
Image Credit: sh

Also, expect Respawn to drop teasers on their social media platform around that time to give players an early sneak peek.

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