All the leaked characters in Apex Legends 2022

In the tumultuous world of video game development, some ideas stick where many don’t. Here we’ll shed some light on all the leaked characters that Respawn Entertainment either scrapped or are still working on for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends, a spin-off of the popular Titafall franchise of video games made its debut into the highly competitive battle royale market back in 2019 without any prior marketing. And it quickly cemented itself as one of the best games of this genre.

Aside from all the top-class first-person shooter mechanics, Apex Legends mainly stood out from the crowd due to its diverse roster of characters called “Legends” all with their unique set of skills. To keep the player base engaged, Respawn has constantly added new legends to their lineup with each new seasonal update of the game.

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Over the years, Respawn has introduced quite a unique cast of characters that players have come to fall in love with. However, from the balancing perspective, it wasn’t always smooth sailing as some legends were clearly better than the others.

Apex Legends
Image Credit: Respawn

Following many complaints from the Apex community, Respawn has gotten a lot better at introducing new characters into the game while also keeping proper balance in mind. Thanks to some data miners, we finally have a more in-depth look into what new legends Respawn is currently working on for a future release.

Also, we’ll take a look at all the character ideas that were unfortunately scrapped from the game altogether. Reliable Apex Legends leaker Thordan Smash has gathered all the legend concepts that either saw the cutting room floor or are in active development at Respawn.

Leaked Characters in Apex Legends


According to the leaks, Conduit’s codename in the game files was “Overshield Conductor”. This was a fitting title since all of the abilities of this character had something to do with shields. To put it simply, this leaked character can be categorized as a support-type legend.

Passive ability: Capacitance – Conduit’s base health is 50 health and 50 shields, instead of 100 health. Conduit gradually regenerates shield over time.

Tactical ability: Arc Flash – Deals damage to Conduit’s shields to give targeted allies an over shield.

Ultimate ability: Short Circuit – Conduit channels their shields into a giant arc ball that flies across the battlefield. stealing shields from enemies.

Unfortunately, this legend idea has been scrapped since it appears as ‘offline’ in the game files, as of writing. As such, the chance of seeing this character come to life is extremely low.


Gunzerker is another one of the leaked characters who was supposed to be a support Legend. This character’s codename in the game files was “Weapons Enthusiast”. Leak suggests this legend had no character model in the game files as such they used dummies to test abilities. Other than that, no other information regarding this leaked character is known.


Blisk is another popular leaked character who has been part of the game’s lore since the very beginning of the Titanfall games. And the leak suggests he might be a recon-type Legend. Also, his codename in the game files is “Elite Mercenary”.

Apex Blisk
Image via Respawn

Biast12, a reliable Apex Legends data miner has already leaked all of his abilities from a playtesting session. Turns out, Respawn was working on bringing back titans as an ultimate ability of Blisk. Additionally, this ringmaster could also have the ability to wall run.

Blisk ability leak
Image via Biast12

Passive ability: Pilot kit – Bliask can hack survey beacons using his data knife. Blisk can also wall run.

Tactical ability: My Ring, My Rules – Blisk creates a damaging zone powered by the Arena’s ring.

Ultimate ability: Standby For Titanfall – Blisk summons an auto-titan to suppress an area.

Among all the legends in this list, he has a good chance of actually joining the Apex games. However, his abilities might receive major changes before his official debut in the game.


Husaria is another character who was data-mined quite early in the character development cycle. And the leak says this one might be an offensive-type legend. Also, this character’s codename in the game files is “Hard Breacher”. Unsurprisingly, this character’s abilities help players breach into a place.

Husaria Apex
Image via Thordan Smash

Passive ability: Shotgun Kick – You have a shotgun on your leg that fires when you melee doors or enemies. Requires shotgun ammo. Using your abilities grants you a brief speed boost.

Tactical ability: Flashbang – Throw a grenade that briefly blinds and deafens opponents.

Ultimate ability: Concussive Breaching Charge – Plant a breaching charge that fires a sonic wave through walls to destroy traps, force open doors, and disorient enemies.

Apex Maggie ability
Image via Respawn

According to the data miners, this character might have morphed into what we now know as Maggie as character selection animation files have been found in the game following the Genesis collection event update.


Immortal is another very old character idea that was apparently scrapped by Respawn. And the leak says this one was a support-type legend. Also, this character’s codename in the game files is “Shield Support”.

Passive ability: Hard to Kill – When you get downed you can revive yourself.

Tactical ability: Shield Charger- Unleash a cloud of nanites to charge your team’s shields.

Ultimate ability: Rise of the Phoenix – Restores your health and shields to full and gives nearby teammates 30 seconds to charge.


Jericho is another character who is rumored to be in the works at Respawn Entertainment as ability icons of this character were leaked online during a developer video in the Genesis collection event. Also, this leaked character’s codename in the game file is “The Frontline”.

Passive ability: On Your Six – Your ballistic shield protects your back when you are not actively using it.

Tactical ability: Ballistic Shield – A full-body shield that protects you from incoming fire.

Ultimate ability: Sheild Breaker Javelins – Throw two electrically-charged javelins that burn through enemy body shields.


Nomad was a support type legend whose codename in the game files was “Field Crafter”. To put it simply, this one was a pure support-type character who could provide additional utilities to teammates.

Passive ability: Packmule – Nomad and his teammates have additional backpack space.

Tactical ability: Loot Compass- Follow loot compass to the nearest item.

Ultimate ability: Crafting Table – Place a crafting table down. Scrap salvageable material and purchase items.

Apex Nomad ability
Image via Respawn

Unfortunately, this legend idea apparently saw the cutting room floor. But seems like some part of this character’s kit eventually made it to the live game as Respawn gave players the ability to collect crafting materials from the game world to craft items themselves.


Reckoner was a character idea that popped up a long time ago. And this legends’ codename was “Self-Sacrificing Romantic”. As the name suggests most of the abilities of this character were based upon sacrificing oneself to keep teammates alive.

Passive ability: Shield Blast – Upon breaking shields will emit an explosion, damaging nearby enemies.

Tactical ability: Shield Stealer – Fire an energy beam that drains enemy shields and charges your own.

Ultimate ability: Gravity Orb – Throw a slow-moving gravity orb that bends the trajectory of nearby attacks.

According to the leaks, this character idea might just be an early iteration of Conduit. As such, there is a high possibility that this character has been scrapped from the game.


Skunner was one of the very few defensive-type characters that were leaked by data miners. This character’s codename within the game files was “Crafty Trapper”.

Passive ability: Light Step – You are not slowed by debris traps and do not leave traversal evidence for trackers.

Tactical ability: Debris Trap – Drop a pile of debris that slows and damages enemies when they move through it.

Ultimate ability: Schiltrom Barrier Grenade – Instantly create a spiked barrier made from rapid hardening resin.

These are all the character-related leaks that data miners have revealed so far. Keep in mind some of these character ideas have been scrapped altogether. But some may still arrive in the actual game with reworks and tweaks. Lastly, as this is a leak from data miners, take them with a grain of salt since Respawn can still make changes to these characters at the very last minute.

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