Blisk’s ability leak suggests Titans might be coming to Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

A new leak by a pretty reliable data miner in Apex legends suggests Titan might arrive soon in Apex Legends but not in the way players might think.

Titans were a core part of the gameplay loop in the Titanfall series of video games. As a result, fans were really upset at Respawn when they discovered Apex Legends didn’t have any Titans in the game. According to Respawn, Titans were a big unbalancing factor to the core battle royale experience in Apex Legends.

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Even though the devs at Respawn tested a lot of versions of the game with Titans, none of them turned out to be a good fit for Apex Legends due to the nature of the battle royale genre of games where balance really matters. However, a new leak indicates Respawn is secretly playtesting a version of the game with Titans.

The leak suggests the upcoming legend might be Blisk from Titanfall and he might have an ultimate or tactical ability that will enable him to call upon a Titan on the battlefield. So, titans may be tied to Blisk’s ability and might not be available for other legends.

Blisk’s abilities leaked

In this leaked video clip we can clearly see Blisk summoning a Titan to fight by his side. The clip also showcased the legend fighting alongside the Titan suggesting players might not have to get into the Titan to manually control it.

Instead, the titan might act on its own and provide much-needed firepower or cover in really dire situations. The clip ends with the Titan initiating a self-destruct sequence. Since all these are still leaks and nothing has been confirmed by Respawn yet as of writing, take these leaks with a grain of salt.

The low-quality nature of the video suggests this clip may have been taken during a playtesting session. Meaning things could still drastically change before the official reveal.

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Although the data miner, in this case, has leaked some pretty accurate information in the past. And the mere suggestion that Titans might be added to Apex Legends has brought joy to old Titanfall fans.

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