Apex Legends Players Want an Option to Disable Dynamic FOV while Using Abilities

Apex Legends players want an option to turn off dynamic FOV when they use characters like Octane and Bloodhound.

Every character in Apex Legends has a consistent FOV except for Octane and Bloodhound cause when these two legends use their abilities it directly affects the FOV in the game. While this dynamic FOV effect creates a sense of speed, it also messes with your sensitivity.

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Since this dynamic FOV can negatively impact your aim in the game, players want the option to turn this effect off permanently. FOV or field of view is a crucial part of a first-person shooter game like Apex Legends as it can give you a massive advantage while playing.

Disable dynamic FOV

The wider FOV option gives players more information to process. For example, enemies hiding in your peripheral vision will be visible with a higher FOV. However, your mouse or controller sensitivity can get affected by this dynamic FOV which may result in you missing shots.

Players in the Apex Legends community have been asking Respawn to either give them an option to disable it or remove this effect from the game altogether for some time now. Currently, only two legends face this problem. The first one is Octane while using his tactical stim ability and Bloodhound while they use their ultimate.

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Respawn has not made any comment about implementing a dynamic FOV toggle in the game as of writing. If they do decide to give players the option to turn it off, it would be a great quality of life update for all those Octane and Bloodhound players.

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