New ban waves targeting console DDoS attackers are coming to Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ competitive ranked game mode is currently being plagued with DDoS attackers especially in the high ELO.

Players in the Apex Legends community have been constantly complaining to Respawn about the issue. Turns out, a lot of abusers are using DDoS attacks to crash Apex Legends servers during intense ranked matches.

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A distributed denial-of-service or DDoS attack can be used to crash servers at will. These abusers were mainly targetting predator lobbies to mess with the competitive experience of many streamers and casual-ranked aficionados.

A new ban wave targets DDoS attackers

In a recent Tweet, one of the Respawn dev who is responsible for dealing with cheaters and abusers in Apex Legends made an announcement that console DDoS attackers are getting targeted in a new ban wave.

This ban wave will mainly target these server crashers. Cheating in online FPS games like Apex Legends will always be a back-and-forth battle between anti-cheat developers and hackers.

No matter how robust cheat detection software is, these abusers somehow always figure out a way to break into the system. While general aimbot and radar hacks are fairly common, using DDoS attacks to crash servers is actually fairly new in Apex Legends.

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The security department at Respawn is always watching and listening to feedback from the player base regarding newly found exploits. And with each new ban wave, these hackers get what they deserve.

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