Ahri, Corki, Malzahar, Xin Zhao, & Rumble Recieve Massive Buffs in LoL Patch 12.21

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has confirmed that they will give some much-needed buffs to Ahri, Corki, Malzahar, Xin Zhao & Rumble in the upcoming patch 12.21.

As preseason 2023 is just around the corner, Riot is testing out some quick changes before rolling out all the preseason updates to the live server.

The previous two patches, 12.19 and 12.20, were the first couple of patches after the Worlds update. These two patches were made primarily for ranked and the casual scene. Moreover, they adjusted many weaker champions in those patches. These adjustments aimed to buff the weaker champions while nerfing the overpowered ones. And they succeeded in their aim, as most of the buffed champions started to get a high enough pick and win rate.

This patch will be similar to the previous two, but unlike them, it will be smaller and shorter comparatively. Also, as preseason is on the horizon, this patch will add some final balance changes before the major preseason update.

Riot Phroxzon has teased the preview for patch 12.21 on Twitter. In the preview, they would be buffing five different champions.

Ahri, Corki, Malzahar, Xin Zhao, and Rumble are the champions getting buffed in patch 12.21.

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Ahri Buffs Patch 12.21

Q – Orb of Deception

  • Mana Cost: 60-100 mana >>> 55-95 mana
  • AP Ratio Per Hit: 40% AP Ratio >>> 45% AP Ratio

Ahri is one of the most iconic champions of League of Legends. She is almost like an unofficial mascot of this game. She also received a mini rework earlier this year, significantly increasing her pick rate. Other than that, she will also receive her ASU early next year to modernize her visuals.

But recently, in patch 12.17, she received a massive nerf to her base HP and E-Charm. These significantly made her weaker in the early game. Before her nerfs, she had a healthy 50.11% win rate and a reasonable 9.8% pick rate.

But after her nerfs, both her win and pick rates plummeted. Her pick rate, right now, is only 5.0%, while her win rate is 49.09%. As a result, she is one of the least-picked mid-laners in the game. This is why she will get significant buffs in the upcoming patch, 12.21.

Corki Buffs Patch 12.21

  • Health growth: 101 >>> 105
  • AD growth: 2.5 >>> 2.8

Corki is one of the oldest champions released in League of Legends. Unfortunately, being an outdated champion, his kit is weak compared to the newer champions.

Even though Corki’s last few changes were buffs, they still couldn’t make Corki a meta champion. As a result, Corki has an abysmal 45.87% win rate with only a 0.8% pick rate in the current patch.

Riot will be buffing Corki in the upcoming patch to show some love to the older champions.

Malzahar Buffs Patch 12.21

  • E – Malefic Visions
    • Can now execute minions below 25 – 55 hp, scaling from level 1 to 11

In patch 12.21, Malzahar is the only champion with a healthy win and pick rate in the current meta. But he has one glaring flaw; he has an awful early game.

He can’t farm minions efficiently in the early game, unlike other champions. As a result, he stays fragile most of the game.

Riot will give Malzahar a buff to provide him with a much-needed buff, where he can execute minions below specific health.

Xin Zhao Buffs Patch 12.21

Passive – Determination

  • Damage AD Ratio: 15%-45% bonus AD >>> 15%-60% bonus AD
  • Heal AP Ratio: 55% AP Ratio >>> 65% AP Ratio

Like Corki, Xin Zhao is also a very old champion in League of Legends. But unlike him, Xin Zhao still had a very healthy pick and win rate. Primarily due to Riot updating his kit and also giving him some buffs as time passed. So much so that in season 11, he was considered a meta jungler.

But the durability update made him significantly weaker. So currently, he cannot deal as much damage as before. Even though Riot tried to buff him in patch 12.11, it still couldn’t save Xin Zhao.

In the current patch, he is one of the least-picked junglers, with a 48.55% win rate.

Rumble Buffs Patch 12.21

Riot recently started to pay more attention to niche champions like Rumble, Ziggs, Fizz, and Corki.

Rumble, even though he has a respectable 50.19% win rate. His pick rate is mediocre, with a 1.7%. Riot will give him a minor buff in the upcoming patch, 12.21, to provide him with much-needed attention.

Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.