Malzahar Receives Massive Buffs on Patch 12.21

Malzahar is set to receive some major buffs on patch 12.21.

Malzahar has always been one of the most consistent champions in League of Legends. He has historically never been an overpowered or too weak of a champion. But with the introduction of the Durability Patch, he got nerfed quite hard.

This also affected his win rate along with his play rate. Malzahar currently has a 49 % win rate with only a 2.4% pick rate. He also has a very low Professional Play presence. So to push him back into the meta, Riot is planning on buffing Malzahar. The buffs are mostly a quality-of-life change, but it should be enough to bring Malzahar back into the meta.

The Malzahar changes were shared by Spideraxe on his Twitter page recently.

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Malzahar Buffs

  • Malzahar’s E – Malefic Visions can now execute minions below 25-55 HP, which scales with levels from 1 to 11.

The changes seem like minor quality-of-life changes at first glance, but they are pretty significant as they solve some of Malzahars biggest problems, last-hitting minions, and early game wave-clear.

Malzahar had always had strong wave clear late game, but his early game wave-clear is abysmal. The lack of wave clear severely affected his early game. But with the new execute mechanic, Malzahar can clear minions reliably, essentially buffing his early game. The changes also help him survive bad matchups.

The changes also affect his ability to last hit minions. The ability Malzahar uses the most to wave clear is his E – Malefic Visions but the players that don’t know his exact damage numbers have a hard time last hitting. But with the execution, you don’t have to worry about perfect CS’ing, as his E will kill minions below a certain HP threshold. However, this will not affect experienced Malzahar players much but will help newer players quite a bit.

Release Date

The changes are currently out on PBE for testing and will come out on League of Legends live servers on patch 12.21, released on November 2, 2022.

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