Zeri Currently Has the Lowest Winrate in League of Legends Patch 12.20

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Zeri has had a tumultuous patch, as 12.20 puts the champion at the lowest win rate in League of Legends.

League of Legends has had a rotating meta for as long as most players can remember. Each patch introduces buffs and nerfs that change the landscape of the meta. While the meta is not the defining factor in the game due to one-tricks existing.

That leads us to talk about Zeri, a marksman that took League of Legends by storm when she was released. The champion was very shortly part of the meta as her ability to kite and make explosive plays made her insanely strong. Riot went over multiple patches to fix Zeri’s strength and bring her down to a nominal level.

However, it seems Riot went a bit too far, as the one infamous champion in professional play now has the worst win rate in the solo queue since Patch 12.20 was released. Let’s talk about Zeri and what has led to this.

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Zeri Winrate Patch 12.20

According to U.GG, Zeri’s win rate currently stands at 41.27%. Over the last 4-5 patches, Zeri has been around the bottom of win rates. Also, this is the lowest win rate Zeri has had over that same period of time. It’s still early in the patch, but it is not looking going for this patch.

Why Zeri Has Such a Low Winrate?

This is a tough question to answer at times, but many factors go into it. Firstly, the champion has a high skill requirement, thus making it harder to pilot Zeri. Secondly, the last few patches have nerfed her to the point that she has fallen off pretty hard. Lastly, Zeri’s win rate has always been low in the solo queue but combined with the first two points that were made; the champion is not in a good state.

With that said, if this keeps up, Riot will eventually buff the champion to get it out of the win rate slump Zeri is at. However, the tricky thing is that if Zeri becomes even a little overtuned, League of Legends Esports will be flooded with Zeri moments.

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