LoL Space Groove Skins Are Rumored to Return in 2022

As the end of the 2022 season is upon us, leaks and rumors suggest that the last event of 2022 will be Space Groove.

League of Legends is a live-service game. Because of it, Riot needs to update the game to keep player retention constant. They do that by adding new champions to the game, new rotating game modes, and, most importantly, new events and skins.

There are many skin lines in League of Legends. And one of the most unique of them is Space Groove.

Space Groove is an alternative universe where champions act like they are in a Saturday morning cartoon or a cereal commercial. It is one of the most lighthearted skin lines/universes in League of Legends.

One of the most prominent leakers of League of Legends, BigBadBear, revealed that we would be getting a Space Groove skin line in 2022.

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Space Groove 2022

As season 12 of League of Legends is coming to a close and preseason 13 is around the corner, leaks are circulating that the last event of 2022 will be Space Groove.

Including the prestige skin, there are 9 Space Groove skins in League. These skins are Space Groove Lux, Space Groove Samira, Space Groove Rumble, Space Groove Blitz & Crank, Space Groove Nunu & Willump, Space Groove Nasus, Space Groove Lulu, and Space Groove Gwen.

Right now, which champions will receive the new skins is not confirmed. But we might get a Space Groove Lissandra skin, as she is a character in the current alternative universe lore.

When Can We Expect The Event?

We can expect the event around the end of the year. We will receive the Space Groove 2022 in either patch 12.22 or 12.23. In that case, patch 12.22 will release on Nov 16, 2022. Furthermore, patch 12.23 will take place on Dec 7, 2022. So we can expect the event around those dates.

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