Riot Will Be Making A Prestige Edition Of A Worlds 2022 Skin

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has announced that for this year’s Worlds, they will be making a Prestige version of one of the skins alongside some other items.

League Of Legends‘ biggest annual event, Worlds 2022, is currently ongoing. It’s an event where the best team from all over the world compete against each other.

Riot Games does various promotions to hype up the event, such as the Worlds skin line, in-game items, Worlds songs, etc.

In addition, Riot celebrates the Worlds winners even after the event by adding their team skins to the game. Not only that, but they also sell various merchandise based on the winning team’s theme alongside the live-action figures of the in-game skins.

Even though these in-game team skins are not as popular as the Spirit Blossom or the Blood Moon skin line, some people prefer the team skin as they are not as visually cluttered and less distracting.

Riot Games announced in their recent blog post that they would be a Prestige esports skin, alongside team ward skin, signature icons, Summoner borders, and champion chromas.

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Prestige Worlds Skin

As stated before, Riot Games will create a Prestige skin version of one of the champions in the winner selection.

The winning team will decide on which champion will receive these esports skins. Moreover, this year, the winning team will receive a team ward skin in addition to the signature icons, summoner borders, and champion chromas.

How To Get

One of the prominent members of the League of Legends community, Spideraxe, confirmed on Twitter that it wouldn’t be included in the Event pass like the other Prestige skins. Instead, they will be available in the Mythic Essence shop, like Ashen Knight Pyke.

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