Yoru and Viper buffs have been delayed to VALORANT patch 2.06-2.09

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot has been teasing us with a possible Yoru and Viper buff in VALORANT for some time now.

At first, it was delayed due to the current masters’ tournament since changing agent meta in the midst of a tournament would be unfair to the professional organizations. Later, Riot hinted that in the upcoming VALORANT patch 2.05, we might finally witness the Viper and Yoru changes.

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However, following the release of ACT 2 in VALORANT patch 2.04, Riot dev has revealed that the next patch 2.05 will not contain the alleged changes. Instead, the next VALORANT patch 2.05 will be a light update focusing on Astra-related changes if it is needed.

Yoru and Viper buff postponed

“For full transparency, 2.05 will likely be a lighter patch as well as we keep an eye on Astra’s launch and ensure it’s healthy. Past that point though, we have a gap in tournaments and some time where we may be able to ship some of those changes in that 2.06-2.09 window.”, VALORANT dev says.

Since Riot needs to give the new agent Astra more attention during the launch week, there isn’t enough time to push out Viper and Yoru changes at the same time. Furthermore, if Astra’s launch turns out to be in a reasonably balanced spot then Yoru and Viper will get priority for the changes in future patches.

“Assuming Astra lands in a reasonably balanced spot, Yoru & Viper will be getting priority for changes. I know it’s disappointing for y’all to keep seeing this delayed – it’s disappointing for us too. Rest assured that we will get these out as soon as we can once the dust has settled a bit.”, VALORANT dev also added.

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Seems like Viper and Yoru players who were looking forward to the next patch need to wait a while before Riot can properly test out these changes. Until then Astra will get priority, according to Riot Games.

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