A sudden spike in players at the beginning of ACT 2 has caused VALORANT to delay rank progression

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The most anticipated VALORANT Episode 2 ACT 2 update featuring the new agent ‘Astra’ has arrived.

This new patch 2.04 in Act 2 introduced a new controller agent Astra, a whole new battle pass which is typical for a new Act, a revamped ranked progression system, and much more. However, as with every other big update, this one came with some unwanted caveats.

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Due to a sudden spike in new and old players in VALORANT at the start of the new ACT 2, players are experiencing a delay in receiving XP payouts after completing a match. Some players can’t even enter the match history. On top of that, rank rating adjustments following a match are also facing delays.

Many players from the community shared their problems via different social media platforms. Turns out, this was not an isolated incident since many players are currently complaining about similar issues following the new update for Act 2.

Riot acknowledges the issue

Looks like they were a bit unprepared for the number of players playing in Act II. There’s currently a delay for XP payouts, match history population, and Rank Rating adjustments after the end of a match. These should all get processed once Riot fixes the blockage.

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In short, even Riot Games were a bit surprised by the sudden spike in new player count. And it apparently caused a blockage in delivering updates to players. Riot assured players that they are currently working on a fix.

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