VALORANT: Astra agent contract skin, character select animation, abilities rundown, and more

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

The first batch of gameplay featuring the latest controller agent in VALORANT called ‘Astra’ is already out right now.

Most of the content creators and pro players are raving about how amusing this new agent feels to play with. Astra is a jack-of-all-trades type of agent as she can stun like Brimstone, smoke-like Viper, pull an enemy into a trap similar to Cypher, and lastly, her ultimate ability can create a massive wall dividing the whole map.

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Bullets can’t get through her wall but abilities such as Phoenix’s flash and the flame wall can get through this wall meaning only abilities can pass but not bullets. We also got a glimpse into Astra’s agent contract weapon skins along with the character select intro animation that is so over the top.

Astra agent contract skin

Astra agent contract skin
Image via ValorLeaks

This is probably the coolest looking agent contract skin Riot has ever put out so far.

Astra character select animation

This intro character selection animation is so extra and we love it.

Astra’s abilities explained

Basically, you need to place stars on the map before you can use any of her abilities during battle. Astra will go into her Astral form while placing these embers throughout the map and during the process, she will get a birds-eye view of the entire map.

One ability can stun, other can pull enemies closer to the center of her ability similar to how Horizon’s ultimate ability works in Apex Legends. And of course, you can also use these stars to create smokes. And the ultimate ability lets you create a wall where bullets can’t pass.

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Astra has already become a talking point in the VALORANT community regarding if she is too strong at the moment based on all the gameplay clips. We won’t have to wait that long since the new ACT is almost upon us.

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