VALORANT dev debunks Astra and Viper fan theories

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

There is a new fan theory going on about how all of Astra’s abilities were actually from a Viper buff prototype in VALORANT.

Riot Games finally gave players a glimpse into the most hyped new controller agent. Riot has been teasing us with Astra for some time now. First, she was hinted at back in 2020 in a Riot blog. A few days ago embers started to appear out of nowhere in some parts of the map.

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Riot loves to do this sort of teases before a new agent introduction. Following Astra’s reveal trailer, fans were fascinated with how unique this agent seems at first glance than any other agent.

However, some fans are now speculating that this new agent’s abilities are just a failed prototype of Viper’s abilities. Even though both of them share similar characteristics visually, Astra is apparently an original idea, Riot dev claims.

The current fan theory that Astra was developed from a viper buff prototype is not true, according to a Riot dev. “She’s actually quite different from Viper in terms of her general play pattern”, Riot dev also added.

It has not been a year since VALORANT first launched and yet Riot Games is already introducing new agents with completely new play patterns and abilities. Riot has a lot of experience in making unique characters that players can easily get attached to.

From League of Legends to now VALORANT, their unique hero creation has also been a nightmare for their balancing department. While Astra looks really unique from a player’s perspective, how exactly that will translate to actual games is still up for debate.

The previous agent Yoru was not a great hit with players in the higher ELO. Riot already confirmed that they already have a juicy buff for Yoru that they are currently playtesting. However, due to the current Masters’ tournaments, Riot decided to postpone this buff.

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