Wukong Buffs In League of Legends Patch 14.3

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

After a very long time, Wukong is finally receiving some buffs in patch 14.3.

Season 14 has been all over the place regarding balance. Due to the item rework, there are many champions who lost their main items and have gotten far weaker. At the same time, there are champions who benefit a lot from the new items.

Since patch 14.1b, Riot has been balancing League of Legends extensively. At the current point, there are fewer broken items and builds. However, there are a lot of champions who cannot utilize the new items as well as their peers. One of these champions is Wukong.

For most of last season, Wukong was a very good champion. He was also one of the most picked jungle during MSI 2023. Since then, he has gotten some minor nerfs, but he was still a very good pick. But as other junglers got buffs and became more proficient, he started to lose popularity. During the end of last season, he had a 46.42% win rate.

Players thought he wouldn’t need a buff as the new items would be enough for him. However, these new items didn’t help him much. Currently, he has around a 46.24% win rate with a 1.0% pick rate.

Recently, Riot Games revealed all of the changes coming to League of Legends on patch 14.3. And one of the champions receiving a buff is Wukong.

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League of Legends Patch 14.3: Wukong Buffs

  • Q – Crushing Blow
    • Bonus range: 75-175 >>> 135-175
    • Bonus AD ratio 45% >>> 55%
  • E – Nimbus Strike
    • Cooldown: 10-8 >>> 10-7

So, let’s discuss about Wukong’s buffs. Firstly, both his Q and E are getting buffed. His Q is getting range and AD buffs, while his E is getting cooldown reduction. The important change among them would be the Q buffs.

The early game range has been increased significantly. Moreover, having better AD scaling is always good. With these changes, he should be a stronger duelist character in the early game. And the E cooldown decrease should make his life far easier during late-game team fights.

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